Zuma isn’t the only problem

By Lwazi Nongauza

Whoever said “in politics or business perceptions are reality” was a liar. In the South African political context the perception that the current sitting president of the republic, Jacob Zuma, is solely the problem of our economic, social and political troubles, isn’t just a mere lie but very dangerous misleading rhetoric that needs to be harshly rebuked.

South Africans, we can march against Zuma until we turn blue or complain until the sun, moon and stars mysteriously shine together during day and night. That won’t change or help us. We can only move on when we admit and deal with the fact that as a country we have deep-rooted multilateral problems such as leadership crises, a dysfunctional society, a disjointed political framework, a blindfolded contradictory constitution, and unaccountable, corrupt politicians tied up with lazy reactive electorates.

All these challenges need realistic, thorough and serious resolutions.

A blame it on Zuma uninformed campaign alone isn’t going help. In fact, this lazy thinking that if Zuma resigns, SA will easily cruise and cross the red sea to the promised land is stupid, dangerous, unbecoming and childish.

Yes, I do appreciate and understand the angry views of many people who believe that Zuma isn’t just a disgrace, embarrassment, most dodgy and outright incompetent leader our country has ever seen, but also a poor political appointment – a reflection of the ANC and electorate in this country. One thing we don’t want to admit though is that all of us, as political bystanders, analysts, extremists, and left wingers have together produced the Zuma that we are fighting today. Again I still say: Msholozi isn’t the only problem of this country.

Issues like #nkandlagate, E-tolls, Marikana, as well as the Guptas’ Waterkloof air force base landing aren’t solely Zuma’s failures, but a culmination of many unaddressed contributing factors. But with all this said, it doesn’t make Zuma innocent. As a first citizen of this country the buck stops with him. So, only based on this, Zuma shouldn’t just be held accountable, but should also be prosecuted and arrested if he is found to be guilty of contravening the laws of the republic.

Surely getting rid of him at the helm of government will hopefully be one of the good steps towards clear national unanimous future vision. This will only be possible if Zuma can resign in the next two seconds won’t have factionists’ selfish serving minded leader taking over the highest post in the land.

Whatever we do or advocate for, let’s use the most current Arab spring as benchmarks lessons. Libyan coup killed Muammar Gaddafi while Egyptians citizens toppled Hosni Mubarak, Ivoirians got rid of Laurent Gbagbo but their structural problems are still there. Replacing a leader doesn’t always guarantee positive outcomes. In fact through these above mentioned leaders, history is telling us that the reverse of this is true.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not by any chance saying Zuma mustn’t be recalled or anything like that. In fact, I am still standing by my initial long time argument that Zuma was a big mistakenly chosen leader ever by the ANC and that this country has ever had. The sooner he goes the better, but still it will not yet Uhuru – alutha continua.

* Lwazi Nongauza is the young social commentator, disruptive digital media enthusiast. Email him at lwaziagain@gmail.com Twitter: @lwaziagain; Facebook: Nyanakancesh Lwazi Nongauza

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