Youth demands to Sixth Democratic Administration

By Lwazi Nongauza

Youth employment, emerging small medium enterprises funding and improving the national education system are among some of the youth demands to the Sixth Democratic Parliament ahead of its joint sitting on the 22nd of May.

Immediately after elections results were announced, millions of concerned young South Africans took to social media to advise the upcoming President, cabinet, members of parliament and provincial legislatures representatives on the list of things they need to prioritise.

Activators used alternative platforms to make their voices heard. Although not different from what other young people are demanding, Activators’ pleas mainly focus on the Big 5 areas.

First things first – sort out youth unemployment

KwaZulu Natal-based Activator Silindile Martin said the government must allow the business sector to lead the rejuvenation of the economy through deliberate economic transformation interventions.

‘’SA is at its highest economic crises post-apartheid era. The fact that youth constitute more than half of the 27.5% (which is 6.2 million) unemployment people should tell them that if things do not change quickly youth will revolt. In short, we as young people expect the ensuing administration to revive the ailing economy and bolster investor confidence through policy certainty and a decisive action-plan against corruption.’’ said Martin

Free economy by empowering Small Medium Enterprises

Cape Town-based Activator Mfundo Ntoni pleaded with upcoming administration to use already existing Development Finance Institutions (DFI) to distribute adequate resources for youth businesses.

According to Ntoni ‘’the upcoming sixth democratic government administration must prioritize is to foster youth entrepreneurship spirit in all levels of South African economy. This is a doable demand because we have government DFI like NYDA, IDC, SEDA, DTI, National Empowerment Fund, and Isivande Women’s Fund. These are all good foundations for building a good economy.’’

Align the SA economy with 4IR demands and everything will follow.

Eastern Cape based Activator Bongekile Filana edged the upcoming administration to prioritize all 4IR economic transformation tools

“For once, can our leaders follow world economy progressive trends by adapting and adopting Fourth Industrial Revolution opportunities? Contrary to what many people think, 4IR is already upon us, there are already way too many capable state-owned 4IR  foundation institutions that we can use to move the country forward,’’ said Filana

The second 2019 State of the Nation Address is scheduled to take place in June. What would you like next government administration to prioritize? Tell us @ActivateZA


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