Young entrepreneur in virtual reality represents South Africa in Copenhagen – By Busiswa Lutshaba

Extended Reality as a crucial commodity/component in fostering collaborations

By: Busiswa Lutshaba for ACTIVATE! Change Drivers

Veza Interactive is a cutting-edge Extended Reality (XR) company based in Johannesburg, that has set a footprint in revolutionizing the way people and communities learn and engage with digital content. Moreover, this technology enables remote collaboration transcending geographical boundaries and fostering seamless communication between teams dispersed across the globe.

With an additional focus on providing immersive and interactive experiences, for both skills training and advertising. Mmuso, is the national winner of the Creative Business South Africa, who had the opportunity to represent South Africa in the global finale held in Copenhagen between the 4th & 5th of June 2023.

He embarked on a transformative journey of self-discovery and learning as a participant. This exhilarating experience has not only broadened his horizons but has also provided invaluable insights into the world of innovative entrepreneurship.

“One aspect that struck me profoundly was the immense impact of global platforms in empowering small startups to network, connect with potential investors, and forge practical and conducive collaborations” – says Mmuso. These platforms act as catalysts propelling early-stage ventures towards their goals by leveraging technology, capital, and knowledge. Coming from a tiny township in Randfontein, Mohlakeng, Johannesburg being part of an initiative of this magnitude is the stuff that Dreams are made of – Mmuso continued.

Veza Interactive is a boutique Extended Reality (XR) company that was born from the harsh conditions placed in the Educational landscape through Covid-19 adversities, as we remember. The goal is to revolutionize how both, primary-level and high-school students are taught in & out of classrooms by using different Game engines. This method and approach is to make education fun & exciting through immersive learning mobile applications and experiences.

The conviction and drive for this unique approach was the realization that 80% of school learners in Grade 8 can’t read to comprehend, in addition, 10-year-olds in South Africa are faced with the same learning challenge.

Mmuso is extremely grateful and appreciative of HYBR Group Southern Africa team, as the SA national hosts for selecting him and Veza Interactive to represent South Africa at the global Creative Business Cup. “In today’s fast-paced business landscape, the significance of networking cannot be overstated” – Mmuso expresses.

Looking beyond the realm of global platforms, it is impossible to disregard the tremendous potential that Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) hold for both companies and educational institutions. These immersive technologies have the power to revolutionize how businesses operate and how students learn. This is why the HYBR Group felt strongly about granting the opportunity to Veza Interactive as this year’s 2023 startup representative.

For companies, VR and AR offer unparalleled opportunities to enhance productivity, efficiency, and customer experience. By creating virtual environments that simulate real-world scenarios businesses can optimize training programs allowing employees to gain practical skills and knowledge in a safe and controlled setting.

In the EdTech space, XR has the potential to transform traditional classrooms into immersive and interactive learning environments. By augmenting educational content with virtual objects, simulations, and gamification elements students can engage in experiential learning thus reinforcing comprehension and retention.

These technologies enable educators to break free from the confines of textbooks and empower students to explore subjects through captivating multisensory experiences. Transforming learning from a miserable chore into a breath-taking experience.

“My journey through the Creative Business Cup Copenhagen and as the SA representative has not only deepened my understanding of the pivotal role that global platforms play in empowering startups. But it has also opened my eyes to the transformative potential Veza Interactive has to empower learners all over the globe & not just in “Mzansi” (South Africa). – Mmuso says.

As an entrepreneur dedicated to innovation and growth, Mmuso aims to embrace these technological advancements and explore the myriad opportunities they offer to shape the future of businesses and education.


About the author:

Busiswa Lutshaba, based in Cape Town joined our community of Activators under our online writing community as a contributor. She runs a consultancy and advisory boutique helping small to medium-sized businesses.

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