You-th Making Local Government work

Actively promoting engagement at local government level

Navigating and engaging with the socio-political environment is an ongoing intention of the ACTIVATE! programme and  we continue to promote the work of the many inspiring  Activators who vigorously engage with local government.

The examples of their engagements are many from the young man who persuaded the mayor and local council staff to walk barefoot through the town in support of  his shoes for school campaign;  to Activators registering as observers in the August 2016 election;  to Activate members standing for election as local councilors.

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: ACTIVATE! owes a huge debt of gratitude  to Local Government Action and the Education Training Units for assisting us to lay the foundation on how to engage with government (see their links below).…framework/make-your…

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The compassionate teacher shared a girl in her class who walked with broken shoes to school throughout winter. That painful story propelled Adams and Osman to start on the 5th of October Walk a Child to School campaign.