When the violation of human rights are ignored…

I woke up early today and thought about the great life we are having in South Africa and burst into a worship song, thanking God for the peace and safety we have in this country.

My heart is still in shock after learning about the hate we, Afrikans, have on each other. It is no longer funny how we keep letting things go as if they don’t matter to us. We hate who we are and our own brothers and sisters. Last week I learned that I know less about my continent.

There is a small country by the name of Sahrawi with a population of 3 million people speaking both Arabic and Spanish. The country has long been captured by Morocco and never received its independence and sovereignty. Morocco milks that country’s resources, deploys their own military to kill the Sahrawi people, rape the Sahrawi women, torture them and refuses them their human rights.

To my surprise, both African Union (AU) and European Union (EU) are aware of the injustice that Morocco is doing to this country, yet not much is done. This is not breaking news in your trusted #FakeNews media platforms because, their countries are also for Morocco to loot resources in Sahrawi.

It is appalling that in this day and age, one Afrikan country is oppressing another. One black brother is abusing another brother’s basic human rights. Fortunately, it hasn’t reached a stage of the genocide that occurred in Rwanda, however, by the look of things, the Sahrawi people will soon cease to exists if these inhumane and evil acts continue under our watch.

Unfortunately the country doesn’t have all these technologies we enjoy. No internet for their young people who could voice out their frustrations with the rest of the world. I’m then reminded of how some people outside South Africa didn’t know of the unjust system of oppression we were going through. Until the message went out to the whole globe and South Africa was banned from participating in sports and other activities. That was then the beginning of the end for Apartheid.

We have powerful tools that can help us speed up the process of making the Sahrawi people independent and sovereign. We have the power to make Morocco stop their evil ways. What are we going to do about it? I already pledged my support to the Sahrawi people and will be doing everything I can with all that I have to see them break free from Morocco.

Noko Thabang Ramoroka

Described by many as a rare breed of powerful and influential young leaders in Southern Africa, Thabang Ramoroka popularly known as Abuti Rams is a game-changing human development practitioner, thought leader, author, trainer, facilitator, keynote speaker and a digital marketing strategist.



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Image Source: AFK Insider

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