When That Day Comes – By MrSir Mpho

When That Day Comes

By: MrSir Mpho

So far it had been all moon and stars,
But we both know that it won’t last forever.
There’ll be points where we’ll fight so intensely,
That we might even consider calling it quits.

The memories of when it all started will be a bit blurry,
It will feel like love never swam in our arteries.
And we would be on each other’s throats,
feeling like the only solution would be to sail a boat.

Financial setbacks are the first things that will be used,
To create tension and weaken the bonds that got us fused.
Our unworked on differences will haunt us through decisions,
That are going to be made by one with less domination.

And if kids get involved, they will be our excuses to stay.
Will it really be fair for them to determine our fate?
If we won’t spice things up in the bedroom,
Then our secret acts will definitely need a broom.

Our values will be questioned, our love tested.
Even small things could prod annoyance.
As long as we don’t resolve every issue with immediate effect,
They will bulk up until we start confusing feelings with facts.

When that day comes, may God lead our hearts.
May He remind us of this proposal journal.
May He take us back to our wedding vows,
And keep us focused the best way He knows how.

‘Cause when that day comes, either the devil will thrive,
Or God will be proud.
Remember, God celebrates when husbands and wives,
Honour the day they were bound.


Rationale: I am in a three years old relationship and I am already in the process of making arrangements to marry the lady. I know for sure that she is the one. With that regard, three years is, apparently, not enough for elders in my close circle to know for sure that they are with the right women, especially in the current days. Observation and listening to older people’s experiences taught me a lot about the ups and downs of marriages, and I am prepared for all of that. To show how intensely I am prepared, and to help those who feel the same, I wrote a poem about how my partner and I can manoeuvre around the “after honeymoon” phase. The title of the poem is: “When That Day Comes…”


About the author:

Mpho (MrSir) Matlhabegoane is one of the A! Writers Hub writers. He uses writing as a tool for Mental Health Advocacy. He became an Activator in 2019. He was trained and mentored by SWITCH and NMM.

He is a Founder and Management Director of MSPT (Pty) Ltd – which focuses on simplifying mathematics for FET Learners and on book distribution in South Africa. He worked as an All Rounder at Brain Waves Development Org. – which focuses on STEMI Projects and competition. He has been a Marketing Manager at Uhunu Career G&L Org., which focuses on simplifying career paths for FET Learners, and used to work at Mpumalanga Technical College as a Mathematics facilitator.

He worked with several schools around South Africa on SGB Posts and Education Assistant Posts as a Mathematics facilitator as well as Extra Class Teacher through his Programme (MSPT) – such as Langlaagte Tegniese Hoerskool (Gauteng), Michael Modisakeng Secondary School (North West) and Seruane High School (Mpumalanga). He used to work as one of the Mathematics Tutors for SSIP Programme in Gauteng. He is a published author of four books, namely: The Story Of MrSir, Views and Emotions, Expanding The World Of Nerds, and featured in Poetry Lockdown, as of 2023.

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