We’re tearing down fliers promoting unsafe abortions! #SRHFYI

28 August 2019



 On Thursday, 29 August the Sexual Reproductive Health For Your Information #SRHFYI campaign is taking to the streets of Johannesburg, Park Station to rid a block of fliers promoting unsafe abortions. This is a stance against unsafe abortion and we are calling on the Gauteng Department of Health to attend the Hillbrow CHC crisis. As Women’s Month comes to a close this is a reminder that no woman should have to die for making a choice that law and constitutional rights support. Abortion is health care and therefore a basic human right.

South African law under the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act (CTOPA) provides that women can obtain abortions for free at public health facilities.  Science corroborates that abortions done by trained healthcare providers in a controlled environment safe and do not compromise a woman’s quality of life beyond the procedure. Despite this fact, unsafe abortion is rife particularly for marginalised communities of townships and rural areas. Walking anywhere in the streets of Gauteng young girls and women are continuously confronted by fliers that claim “pain-free” abortions.

These pieces of paper have become such a naturalised part of walls and poles that they are no longer jarring. There seems to be no emergency to remove them from public spaces even though they are deliberately misleading and those performing the procedures are endangering women’s lives every day. Poor access to services and shortage of public health facilities performing abortion is a contributing factor to women going to these people who are not designated to offer this service.

According to a list of designated health facilities recently released by the Gauteng Department of Health, Hillbrow Community Health Clinic does not offer the abortion services. If one considers the high population density of Hillbrow and surrounding areas and the number of sex workers who may need these services there is a crisis. This list of designated providers further reveals that only five facilities in all of Gauteng provide the abortion service up to 20 weeks as provided by the law. This means that women seek out abortion from unsafe, unqualified providers who are validated by e-fliers everywhere.

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