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Tripple B Fitness Family instructor Mlekeleli Khuzwayo brings you the winter boot camp to prepare for summer because summer bodies are made in winter! Tripple B has had two consecutive in-house fitness weekend camps and by popular demand it opened for non-members too. The belief at Tripple B is that a family can always grow and extend to the outskirts of the country and even the world. The first SA Boot Camp involved people from all over the country and in 2017 the goal is to extend the same courtesy to the second SA Boot Camp expanding the number of participants from 100 to 300.

This year’s SA Bootcamp will take on a military theme where all participants will be sleeping in tents setup on an open field. “We will have tents set up for couples, families and groups.” Adds organiser Mlekeleli.  

Everyone who is anyone is now invited to join in the quest for health & fitness! The boot camp will happen over a week, starting on Friday (on arrival) until the following Friday (departure) 

Because of the venue, participants will have a chance to connect with nature away from everything but at the same time taking you out of comfort zone. Participants will have an opportunity to push their bodies to its limits with the various activities provided throughout the week.


  • Functional Training classes  
  • Aerobics (Hi-lo, cut box, cardio) classes
  • Dancercise classes  
  • Group challenges  
  • Obstacle Course (Team Work Challenge) 
  • Yoga classes
  • Hiking 
  • Running/Jogging 



A professional dietician will be made available for a session to teach us more about the food we eat and what we should eat, how, when and why. The aim is for everyone to leave camp being more aware of everything pertaining their bodies.



During this 7 day bootcamp there is no time for idling or sleeping (we doubt anyone would want to because of the fun that will be had). We challenge our bodies and teach them not to give into fatigue or muscle soreness. We will sleep after having exercised and wake up very early before sunrise for our morning exercises (true military style). 



The 7 day programme promises to challenge your mind and your will. As your mind and will are challenged your spirit will reach new heights. New friendships will be forged and old friendships shall be reinforced due to common will and interest. Amajimaz will get an opportunity to network and experience a different culture together. Everyone will get to meet the warrior that lives within them, the one that pushes boundaries, the one that does not give up and the one that helps others to get through challenges and achieve together. 

You WILL go home a different person….That is a promise

You shall experience Total Transition!!


Date: 07 – 14 July 2017 

Time: 10h00 

Venue: Durban Central (Pick-up point)




For more information please contact :


Mlekeleli khuzwayo mbk53@ymail.com 0721164518

Samke Ngcobo sammykay59@gmail.com 0715113518


On Social Media:

Facebook page: SA BOOT CAMP. Event

                           :Tripple B Fitness Family

Instagram: tripplebfitnessfamilysa

Website: www.tripplebfitnessfamily.co.za



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