Was The ’76 Youth The Last Breed Of The Brave Ones?

On this day in 1976, high school students of Soweto had to take a stand against Afrikaans as the medium of communication language. Successfully, their brave initiatives was taken into consideration because youth determines the future, and unity masters all.

All we seem to have today does not even have a word in the Oxford dictionary, because it is youth system composed of many characters. Cowardice, looting, selling-outs, lobbying and etc.

Today youth unemployment is approximately at 72%. Youth females are force to sleep their way up to success, males are requested to sell their souls to the devils, nepotism runs the nation, and people are easily lured into corruption and fraudulence.

Black people are no longer united like those back in Soweto, Sharpeville in 1976. The white-on-black apartheid system has transformed into black-on-black apartheid system. Where instead of one supporting the neighbour he supports the foreigner. Which is not a bad thing, but before going out about helping someone afar from you while the closest person suffers is not what objects Ubuntu, there’s African saying, that charity begins at home.

Rich are becoming richer while poor becoming poorer.

Students are faced with malicious outstanding balances at high institutions of learning, students are raped and kidnapped on daily bases across the nation, and students are expelled and suspended for speaking their minds, exposing the truth of course. Youth kill each other for penny, for position, for lust.

Sies, I say! To all who delight in taking this country down, woe I say to all who preach the positions they are holding but not doing exactly what is ought of them to do. I hat-off for the youth of 1976 yet I put two hats on my head to us 21 centaury youth for being responsible in drowning the country into vein. For not standing up against the status quo.

We are the youth of technology, the born-frees. But are we free?

Until we reunite ourselves for our future betterment, towards same objectives, which is to reclaim our country back, to reclaim our youth. We will forever be submissive slave, be colonized.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.” – Dr Martin Luther King Jr


Image source: SA History

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