Volunteering to bring hope

By: Anele Gcwabe

In the time that we live in, a lot of people are concerned about themselves, their own growth and development and the next thing they need to do in order to improve their economic standing or their ability to get to the top. Volunteering has becoming a way to improve work experience in order to climb some corporate ladder or to build their own confidence and self-esteem. Then there are the rare and kind souls who volunteer so that they can contribute towards the lives of the underprivileged. 2018 Activator, Ntombikayise Brenda Harvey, is one such rare soul.

Ntombikayise volunteers at Kliptown youth Program. A program which offers their members afternoon classes, this is “where we help kids with their daily school homework”, explains Ntombikayise. The program make sure that each and every kid has something to eat before they go to school and after they return from school. They also make sure that these kids have proper school uniforms. During the Covid 19 pandemic, the program went the extra mile and offered families of their Members food parcels twice a month.

“I volunteered because I love working with kids and I love working in my community and for my community”, says Ntombikayise. She says that she would really love to see the kids in her community reach peak success and making it in life through education. “I would also love to run a successful Reading Clubs one day”, she adds.

This program that is based in Kliptown, Soweto, in Gauteng is just the place that Ntombikayise needs to thrive. She loves helping people and kids. She says that she counts “seeing kids that I’ve tutored getting bursaries and moving to model c’s schools” as one of her biggest achievements to date. They have partnered with KitKat in this endeavour.

Other Activators can be part of this initiative by volunteering their time with whatever skill they have.

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