Volunteer Day on Freedom Day

I held my volunteer day at the Saartjie Baartman Centre for abused women and children in Manenberg.  For the day, I organised for friends of mine to share their skills and expertise with the women, and so create a day filled with a variety of transforming and empowering activities for them.  

The activities included a gentle body workout by a pilates instructor; a talk on parenting skills by a social worker; a mini yoga and Shakti dance session by a yogini; and a guided meditation in the form of a storytelling by a hypnotherapist.  there was also the option of hoola hooping, which both the moms and the children enjoyed.

While the women were engaged in the activities their children enjoyed a party that  was arranged by 3 of my friends.  The party included a clown named Jo-Jo, who the children loved!  They also got to try cupcake decorating to add to the sweet eats in their party packs.  

My mother made a hot, cooked meal for lunch using the money that was contributed by many people from my network.  The women seemed to really enjoy this as they have only one meal a day that is made for them.  With the help of others from the larger sphere of my network 4kgs of biscuits, a box of kiddie’s movies, 4 litres of Powerade, 3 large boxes of women’s and children’s clothing and a large children’s painting were given to the centre.

I believe the day was a great success!

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