I’m writing this message not only to remember the killing of 575 Black Youth on 16 June 1976 but also to acknowledge the Vacuum of Activism that has been created by “White Supremacy” against resistant groups/individuals in South Africa since then. This message is dedicated to South African History which is rooted and written in the bloodshed, oppression, enslavement, rape, alienation, genocide and exploitation of Black people and particularly the activists who stood against the exploitation, oppression and social degradation of Black People against “White Supremacy” and colonial rule.  The pro-racist and colonial class has played a major role in indoctrinating blacks to believe that they are inferior to whites, that a Whiteman is a “Bass” which means boss that a Whiteman brought civilisation to downward Africans who sang and danced with monkeys in jungles. To this day, when they see whites, black people think that they are seeing physical gods which then adds to the inferiority complex that has been developed for over 300 years.

Thousands of students in Soweto mobilised each other for one “common Goal” which was to resist Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in the education that reflected Blacks as inferior and whites as superior and for which was a major element in the expansion of “Bantu” Education which taught and trained black people to serve and provide cheap labour for the benefit of “White Supremacy”. What the Youth of 1976 had was courage, and despite the fact that activists have always been silenced when it comes to resisting exploitation and degradations. The Youth took a stand despite the circumstances that they were aware of (submit and live, fight and die) they were never scared to take a stand. And they believed that if they could all have the same voice against exploitation, then they’d better die for the cause as a group/team, and little were they aware that despite most of them losing their lives, their contribution was to become acknowledged, recognised and historically fundamental.

In 40 years anniversary of the 1976 “Student Massacre”, the 16th of June is now considered a Public Holiday in recognition of the 1976 student contribution to the liberation of the “Black indoctrinated Class” .Black people continue to suffer the consequential damages of 400 years of exploitation, genocide, social degradation and dehumanisation. It will be very cowardly said to believe that “Blacks” are free from the shackles of colonialism, indoctrination, “Apartheid”, exploitation, race rape, convictions and dehumanisation because there is no physical evidence of freedom for Black people whatsoever.

Today, we have a so-called “Black Government” but it is not necessarily a government but a Management. This means that they are perpetuating existing systems, with very little initiative towards actual transitioning. Our economy still reflects “Apartheid”. Who still controls mining companies that prints the money we use? A White man. Who is the labourer? A Black man. Who controls agriculture/ the food system? A White man. Who is the labourer? A Black man. Who controls the oil that is used for fuel? A White man. Who are petrol attendants? Blacks. Who controls the banking system, the main flow of economy? Whites, and who are the majority of workers? Blacks. Who is in control of the internet and cable systems? Whites, and who are the main internet users? Blacks. There is no Black Government that owns the means of production much that even our phone network cables are outsourced and I am not preaching hate, I’m pointing out what truly exist and if it is hard enough then that means our reality and condition as Black people should be preached without the fear of being accused of extremism and racism because the system of hatred has given itself much power that when we outline the truth we are regarded as “evil” and uncivilized. Is civilisation supposed to mean that Blacks should submit to “White Supremacy” by promoting their own inferiority complex? If that’s the case then civilization itself is conspiracy against the life of the innocent.

It was not in 1960 (Sharpeville Massacre) or 1976 (Student Massacre) when “Black” mining employees were massacred in Marikana for standing up against “Low Income” for so much hard labour in mines against ‘White miners” who do the little to get the Gold but reap all the benefits coming from the effort of Black workers – it was in Democratic South Africa. It is still easy for Policemen to open fire against the Black Masculine Class that stand against fallacies, labour exploitations, University fees, poor sanitation and service delivery. How many cases of police brutality are reported each week against innocent peaceful uprisings? It was not in 1976 when Students throughout the country joined hands to come with the “Student Must Fall” Campaign, it was in 2016. And what was the state response? Policeman opened fire ignoring the fact that Black students are denied the chance to reinvent themselves by very expensive university fees that they don’t afford and the government’s solution to all that is providing loans and introduce them to debt so that by the time they leave university they are not debt-free and are obligated to live a debt-vested life and when they fail to pay such debts they get “Black-listed” much that it becomes difficult for them to find jobs.

It pains me to see black youth filling clubs and taverns on 16 June of each year and turning this ferocious Holiday into some kind of celebration whereas this was supposed to be the reflection of the kind of society we live in because if we were to compare Police Brutality against Blacks standing up against exploitation back in the day to this day, reality tells that there is no difference. We have no other alternative remaining for us as black youth in South Africa except activism. And without activism we are better off dead because the fact that we are divided and killing each other on the streets of Johannesburg, Soweto, Tembisa, Alexandra, Gugulethu, Mninginisi, Mdantsane and everywhere else should show that we hate our blackness much that we kill each other, we rape each other, we fight against one another whereas other races are standing together united and strong because we have been taught to dishonor our own kind and today the inferiority complex have lined us up for race extermination.

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