Through Activate we have found a home

By Rejoyce Legodi


Being an Activator is more than just a name, it means I have joined a movement of youth that is working to solve the world’s biggest challenges. Activators are a social, political and economic force. The development of a positive social force is a principal objective of the Activate! Network which consists of over 4200 young people. Through collaboration, the young people of the A! Network aim to expand the positive impact they have in the country through pro-social activities.

Activators are heroes, going all out making a difference and impacting many lives.  It’s truly amazing and this happens to be the most remarkable moment we as Activators will cherish forever, being in the same room with leaders, from different backgrounds, different languages, culture and incredible projects they are part of in their respective communities. For Eastern Cape province based 2017 Activator, Bongekile Filana “Being an Activator means that I have to drive social change in all spheres that I am working in. Having an obligation to ensure I do my duty of improving the lives of South Africans diligently, also having an obligation to hold government accountability to NDP2030 goals.”

This youth network continues to expand and grant us opportunities to express ourselves and broadens our horizons, such as A! Literacy, A! Health, A! Active citizenry, A! Interconnectedness& Inclusivity, and A! Youth economic Participation. They harness youth to continue to advocate for issues they are passionate about. And the proudest moments about being an Activator is that the change we are making in our respective communities  does not go unnoticed , we get to engage with various Activators from different provinces and share ideas and sentiments.

With so many issues that still need to be spoken about, the Activate network keeps instilling bravery in us to thrive for the best and stand unshaken towards the social impacts and burning issues within us. And truly, there are so many ways to tackle each and every issue in our communities. 2018 Activator Ade Mbatha from Kroonstad in the Free State says, “Being an ACTIVATOR has impacted my character positively as an active citizen. I have gathered skills and methods to innovate, my outlook on life has changed positively, I can now passionately say my approach to challenges and problems is different.’’

The Activate Change Drivers programme found me, a once in a lifetime opportunity says Limpopo province based 2018 Activator, Frank Mogano. He further said for him being based in Limpopo and being granted such an opportunity to participate in the programme, he knew right then and there that the efforts and strength he put out in youth community initiatives were actually not in vain. “Being an Activator has created many opportunities in the field of running community based organisations. Not forgetting the networking and developmental relationship created amongst other Activators which brought such a positive impact to me personally and my community, I AM HONOURED TO BE PART OF THIS INCREDIBLE PROGRAMME with great personalities from different backgrounds.”

While 2018 Activator from Mpumalanga, Nonhlanhla Madulane  says “Imagine not being  an Activator from a community of students, academics, business leaders, Health Advocates etc. A! Spaces is the place to be, with individuals who are vibrant and outgoing. Through Activate we are better people today. Our voluntary work created a name for our communities and ourselves, we are involved with leadership programmes and our ideas are constantly refined, the support is overwhelming and through Activate we have found a HOME.



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