The Square Peg in the Round Hole

I once read somewhere that the genius of African culture lies in its repetition, with new elements added every time around. This results in something new and fresh from those who dare to express their own interpretation of the cycle of life.

 In my humble opinion, the best rules are those that encourage “no rules”. My views are that to inspire an entire generation would take an equally outrageous, bold and unconventional approach or method.

We need to defer from mimicking the popular and encourage our young people to mine the fertile veins of creativity that the Creator/God has placed in each one of us.

 Let me start by outlining some of the responses to change that I have observed within societies around me.  I live in a society where people enshrine ideologies that promote the separation or classing of each other, blissfully unaware of the subtle signals, which Mother Nature teaches us, that All Creation Works As a Package. From the majority of kids in our township high schools who succumb to societal pressures and don’t demand academic excellence from their teachers and themselves irrespective of the learning conditions, to the broader working class who don’t do enough to steer their organisations towards a meaningful social agenda.

Radical change is usually met with opposition from those who benefit from the prevailing status quo, or those who couldn’t (or are afraid to) take a stance.

Great influencers, from biblical day prophets to modern day versions – the likes of Steve Biko and Winston Churchill, are relegated to martyrdom, while scholars cower in the dark with their ink. However, considering the benefits we, as societies, receive from those who dared to roll out a blank canvas and write their own stories, it can only bode well for future societies if this attitude is encouraged. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, the colour of your skin or the amount of money you have, you can start today to influence or change the society around you if you have unwavering commitment to your beliefs.

Einstein once said that “great minds always face violent opposition from mediocre minds”, and in these current times, there has never been a more opportune time for society to break the mould – in my opinion. 

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