Ambassadors of Change Hosts Heritage Day Event

Established in February 2016, Ambassadors of Change is a youth-orientated group that seeks to inspire the youth in communities to identify and develop their talent and their mission is to develop new role models with profile and educational support.

They also motivate them to live their lives to the fullest. The organisation has 70 dedicated members. Youth coordinator and founders of Ambassadors of Change are Faith Thando Sidinana, Sibabalwe Mkungela and Sibulele Qavile.

A united team with the love of CHANGE in young people in life, together with hosted successful Heritage Day event at the United Methodist Church in ward 96 in Makhaza, Khayelitsha. We’re grateful that, finally, an event of this nature took place here in Makhaza. We invested so much time to make this event a success, it was not easy but it was worth it,” said Sibulele

The event saw different communities, groups of elders and youth gather together to celebrate culture and customs. Attendees included musicians, artists, drama enthusiasts and individuals sporting traditional wear. Community leader, Pastor Mashiya from the Covenant Evangelism Movement also attended the event and said: “Through these kinds of events we want to promote a drug-free society where the youth will divert its attention to programmes that will build and benefit society.” “Our children lose focus because there is no one to establish their natural talents and send them to relevant people to nurture potential growth and recognition. That is why significant days like Heritage Day allows us as parents to note what else our children are good at. Our role after this event is to give the necessary support to these kids,” added Pastor Mashiya.

Founder/Activator, Thando Sidinana said: “Through networking we have been able to put together this successful celebration for our community and we are grateful for the positive response from our community.” Thando who has been a member of ACTIVATE since 2014 and Although the event was a resounding success, our main speaker, Deputy Minister in the Presidency, Buti Manamela couldn’t speak to us because he arrived early to an empty venue and had to proceed to other commitments. We are calling for people to learn to respect time.

Ward 96 councillor Danile khatshwa said it was good to be at the event, to celebrate the importance of culture and its practices. Danile furthermore urged parents and the community of Makhaza to take centre role in shaping communities through arts and culture programmes. He said: “Respect, tolerance and sympathy is one of the fundamental practices that need to be brought back to our societies so that we can eliminate a number of wrong doings and wrong doers.” “Parents are quick to judge their children on the choices they make, instead of listening and reasoning with children while finding common ground to meet each other half-way. This is why we have so many children on the streets, because there was no common ground reached at home, no support at all. So today, I urge parents to take Arts as an important field to bring together isizw’esimnyama (black community),” added Danile. Amongst the groups that had outstanding performances were the Proud Young Dancers who originate from Khayelitsha and is made up of young girls and boys who are five years old and older. “Children bring light and unity to us,” said ululating Makhaza community member.

Ambesiwe Vutuza, member of the Grade 4 Arts Group, Ezakwantu said: “I joined the group this year through my brother. The group has been a home away from home, I have met new brothers and sisters and we all love each other. I couldn’t sleep on Friday night; I was so excited waiting for this day to arrive so that I could showcase my talent.” In her late seventies, Gogo (grandmother) Nophambili Qavile from Eastern Cape, in Centane said: “I arrived early Saturday morning from Transkei to support my grandchildren in their cultural performances. I am overwhelmed to be here, these traditional dances remind me of my early days when we would sing and dance at every household in Centane during a traditional ceremony,” said a happy Gogo Nophambili.

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