BOOK TITLE: Message to a Blackman in Africa; 2nd Edition

GENRE: NON-FICTION – Social Sciences

AUTHOR: Vukulu Sizwe Maphindani

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TARGET MARKET: For victims of colonialism and slavery and any human being in the world whom is interested in the equality and well-being of mankind.

BLURB: The second edition of the Message to a Blackman in Africa is an expansion of the first edition, which was written three years ago. This is a doctrine of the African social revolution which urges members of the African race to think, care, protect and honour their own race after having been indoctrinated for almost 400 years. It defies conventional thinking with an open argument that prods the courageousness of an African mind that has suffered the injustices of colonial victimization, indoctrinations, dehumanization and a psychological low-class alienation because I believe that Africans; like all other races are psychologically awakened and ideologically fit to play a major role in human civilization like they did back then during the dark age and before colonialism with the introduction of the Tablet writing systems, Astrology, architecture, Mathematics, fishing, building structures, early scientific education, steel, Coins, letters, Jewelleries etc. The book is divided into three chapters:

1. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN – the chapter outlines the real problems that a black man faces today not only as a result of colonialism, social degradation, indoctrination, exploitation, oppression, repression, brainwash, miseducation but also as a result of letting the methods of indoctrination degenerate to unborn African babies whom when are born they have a system of indoctrination waiting for them, and also real problems faced by the Blackman as a result of ignorance and self-hate amongst other things.

2. THE CONSPIRACY IN AFRICAN HISTORY – The chapter re-visits the Ancient African civilization that brings into awareness the great Pyramids of Giza, the Timbuktu empire which was made more prominent by the Sovereign Mansa Musa who holds the record of the world’s richest man after making his mark on the planet in the 13th century by owning the massive amount of Gold. It also defies the narrative that European colonialism brought civilization to an uncivilized African continent. It also gives an indication of how Alkabulan was named Africa as Scipino Africanus defeated Hannibus in the 2nd century etc.

3. UNDERSTANDING BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS AND PAN AFRICANISM – The third chapter defines Black consciousness and Pan Africanism and part of the references featured are Steve Biko’s full letter defining “Black Consciousness” in his own words and also the contributions of Frederick Douglas, Carter G. Woodson, Marcus Garvey, WEB Du Bois, Malcolm X, Patrice Lumumba, Steve Biko, Ghadaffi, Thomas Sankara, Robert Sobukwe, Kwame Nkrumah in the re-education of the miseducated Blackman and also the ‘Black consciousness” and Pan Africanist struggles of the Black Nation.

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