The Igniter Of Hope

By Action Setaka

A typical ex-offender struggles to reconnect with the world. Battles to bear the pain and suffering that comes with stigmatisation, but in the midst of all Activator Vuyo Nekile is during on all cylinders to make South Africa a better place to live in. He rose above pain and despair to become a role model, an unsung hero and a father to many young people of South Africa. He has grazed the airwaves with his iconic voice at Radio Grahamstown for 8 years as a presenter in a number of shows which mostly involve talk shows, preaching and news reading.

His name says it all. This is one gentleman where happiness and joy can be seen in a human form. A networker par excellence and a versatile motivational speaker with infectious sense of humour. Vuyo’s presence in the room sparks a flame of hope and happiness. He brings joy in the midst of despair. He is a Pioneer of development with great personality.

This selfless igniter of people’s hopes says joining ACTIVATE! in 2013 was one of the best choices he has made in his lifetime. To him ACTIVATE! is an archetype of the world he envisages; that is a forgiving world where there is zero judgment regardless of your past, where you have a network of people that inspire you in times of defeats and hardships, your support structure which strengthens you in times of uncertainties and fears, a world of opportunities and possibilities. He believes that the world needs more love instead of judging and misguided perceptions.

His opinion on existing government policies is that ex-offenders will always be likely to re-commit crime because if they are isolated in the mainstream economy and they don’t receive opportunities which will assist them to progress in life. As a result of this painful reality, this igniter of hope and seasoned community developer established an organisation called “Life Goes On” which aims to empower young people through life skills, business and other skills development programs i.e. computer studies, fashion design, plumbing, welding, etc. He calls on all progressives, government and private sector to partner with him in growing this brand which aims at creating a crime-free world.

He also owns a transport business and freelances as a motivational speaker in churches, schools and organised groups. We have faith that the struggle for injustices, unequal opportunities and crime will be well fought with him on the saddle.

Vuyo is driven by a mantra which says “Make the most out of your opportunities. No matter how big or small in the eyes of the people, be grateful that you have something many people in this world wishes”.



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