The gift that keeps giving. A true gift to the ACTIVATE! Network! Today’s story of influence.

Written by: Tlotliso May

Kenneth Sethunya is known to his contemporaries as a bubbly activator with a keen sense of learning. In a discussion, he is often found engaging, asking questions and giving his own input. He was born and bred in Odendaalsrus, a few kilometres away from the mining town of Welkom, Free State. Sethunya is the Founder and CEO of Monganeng Mathematical Centre and has ample involvement in community organisations that are in the social and arts sector. His involvement in such programmes is due to his relentless patriotism and his never ending hunger for change in his community. He was introduced to ACTIVATE! by Activator, Action Setaka, upon noticing his eagerness for change and through their mentorship relationship. He is grateful for the training and opportunities that the A! Network has to offer and has since become a community youth champion, a year after his training. His desire is to serve under the ACTIVATE! ideals.

He joined ACTIVATE! In 2019 and has been an active member ever since. In his refined Southern Sesotho accent he says, “ACTIVATE! ke lebollo la kelello” which is loosely translated to “ACTIVATE! is like an initiation school for the mind”. The one principle that he learnt from the training program was to be able to view things   from other people’s perspectives and to not always assume that his position is right and superior, he retains the same open-mindedness to date. His none-judgemental attitude was synthesized by the “Walk in the Line” activity which is part of training activities.

When asked about how he is still an active member of the network, he gives credit to his love for his country and community and further advices that ACTIVATE! Must have systems in place that keep Activators accountable to the pledges they set for themselves during training. He also believes that accessibility to resources could keep the Network running. Sethunya has recently completed a Hackathon in his community which hacked into economic participation. This event attracted Activators and general members of society.

Sethunya’s domain of interest is education. He speaks of how he wishes to contribute positively to the country’s education system. In relation to his interest in education he started a socio-economic organisation that focuses on Mathematics. In his organisation he aims to ensure that our leaners and generation are prepared for the 4IR. He wants to focus his mission on skills development and he believes it will lead to solving the problem of unemployment because they will ultimately be able to offer a certain trade for money.

Monganeng Mathematical centre recruits learners who are primarily from public schools, identified their immediate needs and enrols them as members of the programme. As a proponent of education and a former Education student he tutors his learners and guides them in other education based facts of their lives. He also employs a group of Tutors who have done well in Mathematics in order to effectively cater to a large group of students. His main partners are schools and the Department of Education because he aligns himself and the work of his organisation with the goals and outcomes of the school based curriculum.  Contrary to the popular belief, his organisation does not compete with the current government systems of education. He works to complement their vision while assisting the youth of his community. Learners who have attended his project are reported to have found it satisfying and very educational. They are equipped with study skills and are able to apply them in mathematics and other subjects as well.

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