Telo Moloi – Meet the one of the winners who walked away with a R3000 cash prize

Telo Moloi.

Telo is a hardworking and dedicated individual who believes in community development and collaborating with others to achieve a purpose which will play a pivotal role in society.

He opened a business called the Shack, a restaurant which offers a wide range of quality fast food served with passion. The Integral part of this organisation is “profitability with social consciousness”, with an intention to contribute immensely to the development of the community. For Telo, loadshedding is his business’s biggest challenge it has caused us to downsize and no longer stock in bulk and this affects our working capital and sales.

“I would really appreciate a donation of a generator so that we can be able to operate even during loadshedding, and would greatly like to collaborate with an activator to host business seminars which will offer information to entrepreneurs operating in townships”.

“The A! Imbizo was an overwhelming experience. We managed to network, connect and get equipped with knowledge from different stakeholders and there was delicious food offered to us and the pitching competition was an amazing experience”.


Connect with Telo:
Facebook: Telo Moloi
Insta: Telo_Moloi
Twitter: @MoloiTelo

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