Taking the road less travelled

Name: Vanessa Van Wyk

Province: Northern-Cape

Vanessa describes herself as an artist and creator who is passionate about the development of people and has a stubborn faith in the good. She shares some words of wisdom from Plato: “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” 

Why did you decide to be part of the ACTIVATE! Network?

I decided to join the network to gain knowledge and insight. Also to empower myself by investing time and effort in educating myself so that I can be useful to other people and be the change I want to see in this vulnerable world full of broken people.

What did you enjoy the most about training?

The manner in which the programme is designed is done in such a way to help us discover and acknowledge the greatness within ourselves that we sometimes doubt so much. The support and encouragement from likeminded individuals, but most of all gaining family. 

How has training helped you or changed your perspective?

Training helped me a great deal. Not only by inspiring and motivating me, but also by equipping me with more confidence and activating the will to carry on no matter how tough situations may seem.

It changed my perspective about myself and the people around me for the good and with the result, I embrace my visions and dreams of a better country.

What do you think the role of the youth is in developing the country?

The role of the youth is to take the road less travelled and leave a blueprint in the country that will inspire the next generation and make them feel proud to travel on the road that was paved and carved out for them.

What is your field of interest?

Arts & Culture

Youth Development

Community Development

Skills Development

Public & Motivational Speaking

How are you driving change in your community community?

I am currently busy motivating the youth to visualise the future they want and strive to make it a reality. I also have an Anti-Bully Campaign running.

The real change I want to drive is winning the battle against the “small town mentality” which is the greatest barrier and the reason why people resist change.

Now that you have completed training, how do you plan to keep active in the network?

Participating in network activities and keeping the network informed about my progress.

What are your plans for next year?

My vision for next year is to register my own multi-purpose business and improve the projects I am currently busy with. I also hope to obtain an accredited Skills Development Facilitators qualification.




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