Success starts with a small idea

Name: Claudius Mabidilala

 Province: Limpopo

Facebook: Claudius Mabidilala

Instagram: Claudius Mabidilala

Business name: Mabidilala Investments Pty Ltd

Why did you join the ACTIVATE! Network?

To connect with young people across the country, who have ideas and dreams for a prosperous South Africa.

 Why did you join the Switch programme?

To learn how I can start and run my own business. More so to develop my entrepreneurial, managerial and leadership. 

What do you hope to gain through Switch?

I hope to learn entrepreneurship skills and how to implement my business ideas.

 Are you a social entrepreneur?

I think so. 

What contribution do social entrepreneurs bring to society in your opinion?

It brings peace, restores the dignity and integrity of the people.

Sum up your (potential) business in five words?

Success, better life, Innovation and opportunity. 

My business wishes to address unemployment, poverty and inequality in a huge way. 

When was the business started?

I haven’t started my business, it is still an idea.

Who started the Business?

Claudius Mabidilala

Vhutali Mabidilala

Mokgadi Mabidilala

What motivated the initiation of the Business?

Poverty in rural areas, particularly in areas around Vhembe where I am coming from.

Name some of the challenges you face?

Lack of Funds

Name some of the successes?

Job opportunities and ownership of land among blacks

As a social entrepreneur, where do you envision your enterprise to be in 3 years?

The fasted, growing and biggest growing business in the same phase with Vodacom and the like.

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