Striving to increase the pass rate in Limpopo schools

Name: Initia Mogoswana
Province: Limpopo province

Initia describes herself as an author and Activator willing to give people a helping hand for a sustainable future. She aspires to be the CEO of her own company and enjoys working with young people who want to unite South Africa. 

Why did you decide to be part of the ACTIVATE! Network?

I was introduced to Activate! by one of the Activators who gave me sufficient information on what Activate is and what it comprises of. I wanted to know more. Since Activate is a great youth-led initiative that can drive change in South Africa, I thought I can use Activate as a great ladder to drive change in my community.

What did you enjoy the most about training?

Connecting with other Activators across all nine provinces and sharing useful skills that empowers us and our communities. Also being in contact with other young people who are like-minded to drive change in South Africa.

How has training helped you or changed your perspective?

Through the network, I have met many inspirational young people. I have also discovered different ways of thinking. Activate training helped me in driving change by giving me information on how to start an organisation. Activate has opened my potential as a young and vibrant person.

What do you think the role of the youth is in developing the country?

Passing on knowledge to the upcoming generation and reminding them to take charge of their communities while encouraging them to talk about issues they are facing in their communities.

What is your field of interest?

NPO, Education. I am an Activator who lives in an impoverished community and our schools are currently experiencing high failure rates and low pass rates in final exams.

 How are you driving change in your community?

I would like to establish a youth development centre that will work with school teachers and other youth with a strong focus on developing the community. I will also host dialogues and career guidance workshops and assist learners with school work. I will also conduct fitness classes to ensure that our future generation lives a healthy lifestyle.

Now that you have completed training, how do you plan to keep active in the network?

Simply by continuing what I do best and finding a funder for my organisation. Hosting dialogues and giving motivational talks to school learners.

What are your plans for next year?

My plans for next year include establishing a youth center that will not only be assisting learners with school work, but a youth center that will also be mentoring learners as well.

How will you be involving the network in your plans?

I want Activate! Network to assist in tackling these issues and provide me with all that is necessary to make this organisation work.


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