Spreading warmth in Standerton

Activator, Anele Cele, co-founder of Inhlos’enhle Community Building (ICB), an organisation focused on broad-based challenges in the Standerton community, continues to put up a brave fight against Mpumalanga’s icy Highveld chill with her campaign to distribute used clothing among the residents of the Sakhile Informal Settlement.

Project Siyagcoka donated four bags of clothes to nine families at the beginning of June, says Anele, adding that continues to grow from strength to strength as more people become aware of the campaign and make the effort to drop their unused and unwanted items off at ICB’s Tholimpilo Home base.

First launched in 2008 after witnessing a small boy’s vain attempts at keeping his bare feet warm in mid-winter, Anele explains that this cause is close to her heart as she, too, was raised by a single mom who relied only on a social grant and income from occasional informal work passed on by their neighbours.

“I know how hard it is to have needs, that many consider basic, that are simply not met because the household only has one income to depend on. Social grants barely cover important items like groceries, toiletries and if one is very luck, a school uniform. There is never money left over for clothes.”

Through Project Siyagcoka,  people have an opportunity to participate in addressing the needs of those less fortunate in the community by donating, rather than just getting rid of, clothes they no longer want or need, she says.

Project Siyagcoka distributes clothes twice a year. Anyone wishing to donate any recyclable items can do so by contacting Anele on 082 599 1174 or email: acele690@gmail.com

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