Social entrepreneurs impacting social change

Name: Baamogeng Hube

Province: Northern Cape

Facebook: Sepeke Hube

Twitter handle: @bamza87

Instagram: amo_hube

Business name: Amo Agri-breeds

Why did you join the ACTIVATE! Network?

I joined the ACTIVATE! Network to expand my network in order to driver change in my community. I have realised that often we get stuck by a small challenge which could be easily conquered through the power of numbers and having people of the same mind and thinking together. Joining ACTIVATE! was mainly to put fuel in a burning fire which needed just fuel for self-sustainability.

Why did you join the Switch programme?

I have had a dream to join business world whereby I would be able to create employment for my counterparts. Joining business without necessary set of skills or exposure has never been an easy tool to break the ice with. With the Switch programme, I wanted to gain a set of entrepreneurial skills and improve my approach to business.

What do you hope to gain through the Switch programme?

Already one had more ideas to venture into business but never had those ideas put into action. I anticipate gaining basic entrepreneurial skills to equip myself into facing the realities of business. I hope to gain soft skills such as modelling my business and acquiring business support. After Switch I should be able to put my ideas into a working machine which is highly oiled.

Are you a social entrepreneur?

Most definitely, my business interests are based into helping other people or solving other social problems.

What contribution do social entrepreneurs bring to society in your opinion?

Social entrepreneurs should impact change to social ills. One should be able to bridge the gap left by addressing a problem that impacts society while at the same time making a living out of it. Social entrepreneurs should be a force for change. They should be able to bring society together for a common cause.

Sum up your business in five words?

Sustainable job and Food security

When was the business started?

2014 my business started when I started buying my first 2 cows as part of legacy building. Even though it was not commercialised and broadened into social enterprise.

What motivated the initiation of the Business?

It started with the amount of time one wastes due to employment and problems that could be addressed in our local villages which looked like opportunity to grow

Name some of the challenges you face?

Securing funding for my business; High level of stock theft in my community; Time management, not enough time give to my initiative.

Name some of the successes?

Some of the successes include but not limited to securing business premises for my initiative.

The initial start-up of the business without high cash injection into the business.

As a social entrepreneur, where do you envision your enterprise to be in 3 years?

Stability and self-sustainability drive my business. Of course in 3 years’ time I would like to see my business venturing into other niches as part of expansion while addressing other social problems. I hope to be able to influence other young people to follow suite and work together to achieve more.


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