Siyashesha Leadership Incubator terms and conditions for network logo design competition


Siyashesha Leadership Incubator NPC is the managing entity of the ACTIVATE! Change Drivers Network (referred to as ACTIVATE! in this document). This document sets out the terms and conditions of establishing a competition with the network to create and design a network logo for the ACTIVATE! Change Drivers Network.

If the network has their own unique logo – designed by Activators and chosen by Activators – this will promote a collective identity among network members. In line with network sustainability, the organisation believes that having Activators design a network logo will encourage accountability among network members while enabling them to own the logo and create their own marketing paraphernalia for the network

Only Activators who have completed the ACTIVATE! Change Drivers training programme is permitted to participate (i.e. must have completed 2 modules of the ACD training from 2012 to 2019. This will not include the 2019 cohort who are yet to complete module 2 training in intakes three (3) and four (4).

The role of the organisation

 ACTIVATE! Change Drivers as the organisation will act as the managing and facilitating body of the competition. This means that the organisation will facilitate the overall process of the competition, from inception, to submission and then finalisation. The organisation will manage the call-out process; submission process and the shortlisting process. The ACTIVATE! Change Drivers Network will decide on the final network logo. The organisation reserves the right to stop the process if deemed necessary, whether the process is in inception stage or shortlisting stage. The organisation resolves to treat every submission with the utmost confidentiality.

 The role of the ACTIVATE! Change Drivers Network

In order for the competition to be successful, it will require participation from Activators across all provinces. It is incumbent on the A! Network to encourage fellow Activators to participate. Activators will be able to participate as individuals or as groups of 2 (minimum) and 5 (maximum). Activators have the responsibility to adhere to all rules and regulations of the competition as well as the deadline. Activators agree to supply the organisation with all documents and information it may require as evidence of the thought process in creating the logo.

The process of the competition

The process of the competition will consist of four (4) stages:

The call-out stage; the submission stage; the shortlisting stage and the voting stage.

Call-out stage

The organisation will notify Activators of the completion via sms and social media platforms.

The submission stage

STEP 1: Draw 3 different logo scamps (hand drawn) and
create 1 final logo in Vector Format! Colours to be used: RED, BLACK, GREY

STEP 2: Write a 50 word paragraph of your conceptual
thinking behind the final design.

STEP 3: Scan your scamps and package your final logo.

STEP 4: Email your files with your concept note to

The shortlisting stage

Once the deadline has lapsed, the organisational designers will go through each submission and finalise a list of 10 designs depending on the amount of submissions. Once the 10 designs are finalised, the designers will sit with the communications team to further finalise the 5 top designs.

The voting stage

Once the 5 shortlisted designs are announced, Activators will be given three (3) days to vote. Voting will open upon the announcement of the shortlisted designs. Voting will be done through a google form link and will be announced to Activators via SMS and on social media platforms. After the three days has lapsed, votes will be counted and 2 days later the winner will be announced.

 Shortlisting criteria

-Open Vector Format







The use of the logo

Activators will not be compensated for the chosen design. The winning logo will receive ten (10) printed t-shirts brandishing the logo. The Activator and/or group of Activators who has designed the winning logo will be credited upon the announcement of the wining logo in a video that will live on the ACTIVATE! Youtube channel. The Activator and/or group of Activators with the winning logo will not be credit with every use of the logo.

The chosen logo will not have any copyright attached to it. It will form part of the Creative Commons license wherein the free distribution and use of the logo is permitted. Activators agree that if they are to use the logo they will do so within the spirit of the Network values as follows:

  1. Sense of Self-worth: the development and pursuit of a strong sense of self and one’s identity.
  2. Respect: being in integrity with oneself and fostering honourable co-existence with others.
  3. Spirit of Innovation: a constant urge to use innovation and ingenuity in creating solutions.
  4. Connectedness: fostering strong relationships within the Activate community.
  5. Commitment: dedication and commitment to personal and community goals.
  6. Leadership: forging new directions and driving change for the public good.

Behind all of these commitments are ideals, principles and beliefs that we believe are essential to what it means to be a Change Driver in South Africa.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you hereby indemnify ACTIVATE!, and hold it harmless, against any claim which may be made against ACTIVATE arising from or in connection with this competition. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you further agree to the rules and regulations of the competition and everything set out in this document.

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