Restoring human dignity through school uniform

Name: Gift Methule

 Project name: Mhwayi Primary back to school campaign

 Province: Mpumalanga

Facebook: Gift Normans

Twitter handle: @fundogift

Instagram: giftmethule

Contact details: 0766694286

Members involved in the project?

 Clau-Clau Youth Development Forum

When was the project started?

 January this year

Who started the project?

 We as Clau-Clau Youth Development forum

What motivated the initiation of the project?

 The hopeless situation of the kids going to school with torn and shattered school uniforms and attending school without shoes especially on cold and rainy days.

What is the objective of the project?

 The objective is to see all learners that were identified recieving uniform as this will encourage them in their studies.

Why is this project needed in your community?

 It is needed because not only will it supply learners with uniforms, but it also promotes and creates a safe environment for learners at school as they come from a poverty stricken community that has a very low economy and a high unemployment rate.

Who have you assisted through this project? 

 We have managed to raise 6 full school uniforms for 6 kids and this raises hope for more kids to receive uniform.

Do you think your project encourages leadership? In what way?

 Yes, it takes leadership skills to identify a problem and actually put in the effort to try and solve the problem.

Do you require funding/sponsorship for this project to be a success?


Name some of the challenges you face?

 Getting people to sponsor the programme.

Name some of the successes?

 Getting the 6 uniforms.

Where do you envision your project to be in 3 years time?

 For the project to supply uniforms to many learners and to expand the programme by raising stationary.

In an ideal world, your project will achieve success if….?

 If many people were to get involved in the project and the project to be advertised well.









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