Remembering Marikana

A poem by Activator Hein Scheepers

My parents are miners whether in a shaft or in a retail store working as a Petrol Attendee
We are Working class. We are Miners. We Are Marikana
Who would have thought that we will also be part of a generation that witnessed how the government massacres humans workers citizens. 
ANC is running the world’s latest brutal neo-colony for the sake of global economy looting the resources of the Mother land to protect the privileges of oppressors in maintenance of “economic apartheid;
Non Rich Only Non Poor Only
Social instability

16th August 2012 I remember that evening watching News and I couldn’t believe, I would have never conceived that I will live through the Repression of Class struggle by The State for a just cause, again in a Fake New south afrika a country where democracy serves as a smokescreen for Colonial Imperial powers to continue looting plundering natural resources, We are cheap labour human commodities as wage slaves under paid and All we were Doing is Protesting for a decent minimum wage, only to be classified as illegal demonstration striking, again against a salary that keeps us poor while we can’t feed clothe educate our children to discontinue generation slavery

The Sea To The Hills, From The Valleys and Up The Mountain to the killing at the small Koppie
Wasn’t the silencing the slaying of poor angry marginalised exploited humans natives Afrikans suppose to stop?
To give your life to save the world is something greater 34 Miners died for Us.
The Farlam commission of inquiry is
like The Goldstone Commission report on Bisho massacre
The evidence given to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to make
The Nation forget without Justice being Served I am Man in The Green Blanket, murdered by police in Marikana my name is Mgcineni “Mambush” Noki a 34-year-old married father from Mqanduli Eastern Cape “He didn’t speak for himself. He spoke for the workers.”

Grief overflows Our Reality
How much do you need to know before you do something?
human forms Consumed with selfish thoughts.
Today is a day of mourning…
Have a heart be a soul show your humanity,,,,
and my eyes are filled with tears
This life and existence under which we are made to suffer, how much more?? when will this end??
I am ready to leave this realm. I want to destroy all of this. I want this to end now.
I Am not in love with this illusion
I Hate Capitalism


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