Reflections on #SwitchSeminar2017

This past weekend, 56 delegates attended the annual Switch Seminar held at the Standard Bank Incubator in Johannesburg. Upon reflecting on the seminar, this is what several Switchers had to say:

Prudens Mtsweni

“The Switch programme has taken my mind and put me on a journey where it shifted my thinking to an innovative person passionate about business. I took time to research and learn about everything which involves health to understanding the human body as a whole. The Switch Seminar made things even more interesting by bringing in  amazing speakers which made me identify my weakness and gave me direction on how can I use them to my advantage and succeed. The speakers made me realise that I doubt myself too much because I think I don’t have enough knowledge and experience while I have the potential to carry this journey and be a success. Even though people do not understand why I took so long to start my company they will now see that I was not just building a company but a legacy.”

Shaun Manala

“On day one I learned alot about mentorship and understanding funders. Understanding funders was a presentation that opened my mind and now I understand what I should have before approaching funders.
On day two I learned to understand my personal finance and how to have a budget in place in order to be in a good financial position. I’ve managed to get all that I’ve wanted for my project to start running. This seminar has made changes in me. All thanks to Carrie!”

Vusi Tshabalala

Day 1 – “We all know what we want to do and have an idea how,coming to the seminar from all the different speakers from different sectors and views gives you that extra push you need,reignites the passion, repositions you to the right track and challenges you to close the. Seeing other Switches also encourages getting those partnerships and exchanging best practices.”

Day 2 – “The session was mind blowing and brain freezing at the same time as you ask yourself all those difficult questions that we always avoid or run away from. As a true social entrepreneur we have to answer them because we work with peoples lives. This seminar has been a complete cake with balanced ingredients, cream and the cherry on top.”
Sinqobile Mkhwanazi 
“Day one of the seminar was very interesting. I learned that getting funding is often more about the person than the project. If I do not have passion for my project, how do I expect to receive funding? As much as funders want to see profit, they also want to see purpose and impact. I’m driving change not just in my community but globally as I have this A! Network at my disposal.”
Thulani Sejo
“I learned so much from this seminar but what stood out for me the most, is a reminder to always stick to the basics , knowing want your target customers and beneficiaries really want. The two sessions that stood out the most from day 1 were  Dave, unpacking what funders are looking for , is a great way to determine whether or not you are ready to apply. Also highlighting the importance of researching and finding the right funder who is best suitable for your project.  Portia, and her story  made it so easy to relate to her. As a young entrepreneur, you will be faced with obstacles and even get to a point where you feel like you have reached rock bottom. However “the bottom is the perfect start. It is important to stay routed in your goals and firmly believe in your projects success”
“Day 2 – Was definitely a wake up call. Going back to basics should be a the top of the agenda.the personal finance session basically showed all of us that if w are not aware of tour personal spending habits, then the same habit will reflect in your business. Therefore budgeting and collecting financial records are important to measure growth.”

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