Quote a Poet

By Bongo Hlongwane

More than 50 artists attended Quote a Poet Chapter 4 event which was held at Denis Hurley centre in Durban.

UBI (Ubuciko Bomlomo Infortainment) is a youth initiative which was established in 2012 by Ntuzuma youth. Their objectives include promoting social talents, hosting youth dialogues on sensitive issues affecting the youth sector. Activator Lokishi Comrade Martin alleged that UBI is all about touching and changing people’s life through art. He said Quote a poet is all about poetry, artist are obligated to quote their favourite poets before there recite

Usonkondlo Senzo Shampie set the tone at the event, when he recited his poem “We never born hating. We are never born with knowledge of any racial, religious, culture or any other sort of discrimination. My own people your own land, your right, your voice to make decisions.”

Building from that Mazwi Shazi performed “Asikhulume, uthi oxwayisayo qaphelani laba abathembisa ukuphatha kahle izinhliziyo zenu, anozibuza phela nani ukuthi loko bakufunda kanjani, nakulezo zinhliziyo kwenzakalani, ”  (let’s talk, the advisor says be conscious of those who promises to nurture your hearts, ask yourselves what happened to the one they were practising with” this poem challenged the audience to be introspective.

Young woman Sim China Zungu recited her poem, “I shouted out loud, i shouted out loud, till the voice left me (ngamemeza ngamexa kuze kube uphimbo uyangshiya), i can hear your footsteps (ezakho izingi ngisazizwa), there is a man who took my virginity when i wasn’t matured” i can still hear his voice shouting in my ears.”

The artist line-up who did outstanding work on stage include, lady Africa, Sim Chana Zungu, Heavy Weight, BZ Shangase, kush Mahleka, Thando Fuze, Zanele Khoza, Kyle Allan, Zanele Khoza, Thembelihle Shezi, Miss Allene and Juvas Icamagu

The Activators who are affiliated with UBI are Slindelo Martin, Nhlanhla Mkwanazi, Mlu Zuma, Ntuthuko Dlala and Lokishi Comrade Mathini.

Lokishi asserted that women dominating the line-up was intentional. He said they stand for womens emancipation, he furthermore said women are isolated when it comes to art and Quote A Poet is fighting that stigma. He said they will host Chapter 5 in November.


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