Pushing Social Change Through Technology

Thando Mdokha is a 2013 KZN Activator that’s currently based in the Gauteng Province.

What is your passion?

I am passionate about technology. When technology is used correctly, it can help develop many young people. We have established beneficial networks and we are seeing daily opportunities of making money through technology. Technology is a seed of online activism. I can now be both in my office pushing business while pushing social change using technology and in pushing hard to tap more opportunities of how I can empower young people.

What are you excited about lately

Every morning I get excited about the duties that await me for that day. Be it surprising or expected. I mean, imagine how exciting it is being South African and living in South Africa and you can’t leave to Australia. The youth rage with regard to issues which affect them is also exciting. Young people are starting to take ownership of their own development.

Share with us what you do, how many people you touch and how long you have been at it?

I do many things. I am one of awesome 40 Change Drivers in South Africa that are doing awesome things across the country. At the same time, I head Mdokha Designs a Graphic Design agency. With the Agency, I have impacted and groomed many people to realise their dreams and supporting their campaigns. It feels like I have been doing this since my mom stopped breastfeeding me.

Why do you believe in the work that you do?

There is a lot of awesomeness that can be cultivated from the work I do, impacting lives through Technology and designs is pretty awesome.

How do you connect with Activators and those around you?

Social Media has always been the centre and root of connection. The relationships built out of that are amazing and the results are visible

How has ACTIVATE! Supported you so far in driving this change?

ACTIVATE! has given me a space to showcase my ideas and the network is amazing on supporting one of their own. I do some of their artwork as well.

What do you think is the priority in setting the agenda for our country in the next 5 years?

You(th) has the power to make things happen. Have you seen the Youth Movements across the country who have positive impact? Young people must set agenda for their own future, because they are the voice we need in shaping this country. Activators represent young people from diverse school of thoughts making positive impact across South Africa. We must continue to spearhead community development outside political umbrellas.

How do you motivate yourself?

I look at my bank account and I see how short the digits are and I am motivated to do more. This should be the source of motivation for every young person. The bank balance must trigger anxiety which will enable us to change our destiny.

Final message to young people?

Let’s cease from playing victims and complainers. Let’s be a generation of solution providers.


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