Activate Active Citizen Winners 2023 – Part 1

There is a proverb, widely attributed to have originated in Africa, that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Its meaning refers to the power of community in meeting challenges and solving problems. This is where the strength of the ACTIVATE! community lies; and where the Activators form the heart of the organisation. The winners of the ACTIVATE! Active Citizen Awards represent that beating heart. They are the young people within the network of 4,500 youth trained by ACTIVATE! over the past decade, who are creating change in their communities and leading grassroots interventions that make people’s lives better.

These awards were created as part of the ACTIVATE! 10-year anniversary campaign, and in recognition of the individuals and their organisations who do work in their communities to change the current reality in South Africa for the better; to implement real, meaningful change; and mobilise communities into creating positive change. These are the unsung heroes of our youth in South Africa.

There were so many inspirational stories among the 112 applications we received for the awards, and it was so tough to come up with 10 winners.

We want to thank you and tell you to keep going.