Peer Education Can Address Social Issues

Giving a voice to young people is why Mahloko Paul (31), a 2018 Activator, started The Voice Leadership Academy. “I wanted to create opportunities for personal growth and development for young people so that they value those around them and their community.” This included reducing HIV infection and teenage pregnancy among young people.

To do this, he provided skills in innovation and education in the fields of health, personal development and communication; as well as project, business, and financial management.

Working as the founding chair and peer educator, Mahloko is reaching 500 youth a year in Mmamahabane, Ventersburg, with the programmes he runs in partnership with LoveLife and other local, community-based organisations.

“I wanted to ensure that young people are provided with relevant safety, good health, and the opportunity to use peer education to address social issues. My accomplishments are promoting mental health, providing social skills, and positive youth development. We have helped young people resist drug, alcohol, and tobacco.”

Through these initiatives, Mahloko has learned how to communicate more effectively; and counts himself privileged in being able to help young people better their lives through skills development; and the understanding of social issues that impact their lives, including healthy sexuality.

While COVID-19 created challenges and halted some programmes; he also needs more trained facilitators to support the programmes in his community. Mahloko would appreciate any life skills books and new ideas for the project from his fellow Activators.

You can reach out to him on, Facebook: Mahloko Paul or Instagram: Mahloko Paul.

Contact details:
Mahloko Paul: 076 280 7026

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