Opportunities for underexposed artists

Name: Hein Melvin Scheepers

Province: Western Cape

Facebook: Ras Hein Scheepers

Twitter handle: @Ras_Hein

Instagram: @Ras_Hein

Contact details: 084 7878 033

Business name: GUIDY WORX

Why did you join the ACTIVATE! Network?

I saw the network as a relevant entity in line with my grassroots activism as a young developer and community empowerment catalyst.

Why did you join the Switch programme?

To structure my social enterprise with the relevant information and ideas around my Cultural entrepreneurship that aims to uplift community-based artists and arts projects. It is the perfect opportunity and programme to help me as a young and aspiring entertainment promoter/ Arts manager.

What do you hope to gain through Switch?

Experience, knowledge, progress in my initiative, social capital and a highly sophisticated arts-based social entrepreneur start-up by end of 2017 after following the advice and instructions as presented in the Switch programme.

Are you a social entrepreneur?

Yes, a social entrepreneur in the arts, culture and creative industries.

What contribution do social entrepreneurs bring to society in your opinion?

Bring about awareness of social issues, they address the structural inequalities and their activities usually aim to raise the consciousness of communities and society in general around the factors that cause social discrepancies. They bring an anti-individualist approach to business that usually places profit before people. Social enterprises demand that private sector must take greater responsibility in alleviating poverty, ignorance and disease.

Sum up your (potential) business in five words?

Arts-based Social Development Projects.

When was the business started?

Been up and running –informally- since 2014 when I started organising arts events showcasing music and poetry.

What motivated the initiation of the Business?

The lack of exposure of community-based, non-formally trained artists from working-class areas. These artists have the talent but lack the support and channels to mainstream their craft. Because of socioeconomic status and backgrounds, I find that talented artists with untapped potential are marginalised and even excluded from private/public sector platforms. My social enterprise is the firm that creates opportunities for the under-exposed artists to reach for the stars.

Name some of the challenges you face?

Sponsorships for events to cover logistics and pay the artists. My social enterprise is to ensure the economic development of artists benefiting from their craft. I also experience challenges with artists that do not understand my vision and think that I only want to exploit them for my own pocket.

Name some of the successes?

Africa Day Festival 2015 and 2016 in George-A three day outdoor festival that showcases mainly reggae and hip hop acts has been a success and currently busy organising Africa Day festival 2017 which will take place on the weekend of 26-29 May 2017.

I have successfully organised various booking opportunities for artists that work with me, whereby they get paid by other events organisers. I also hosted various free open air shows throughout George communities, these events are called “Park Jams” and they aim to raise the social consciousness of the spectator and audiences that attend.

As a social entrepreneur, where do you envision your enterprise to be in 3 years?

I will be a heading an arts-based firm that has partnership with local government departments throughout South Africa more specifically Western Cape and George. I will be able to mainstream artists at various Festivals that happen all over South Africa and Africa though my social capital and networks. I plan to work hard on my events company that is a arts-based social enterprise so that I can host international artists at my own Festivals and also be able to refer my community-based artists to platforms such as Cape Town Jazz Festival or Klein Karoo Nationale Kunste Fees etc.


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