No fear, No discrimination

Name: Nondumiso Mthethwa

Facebook: Nondumiso Mthethwa

Province: KwaZulu-Natal

Nondumiso is a bubbly enthusiastic young lady passionate about changing other people’s lives. She currently works at Anova Health Institute in a programme called Health 4 Men which addresses both prevention and treatment issues of men having sex with men.

Why did you decide to be part of the ACTIVATE! Network?

 To grow my knowledge and understanding about things around me and to interact with a diverse range of people.

What did you enjoy the most about training?

I enjoyed the session where we did the past collage; wash line methodology; Activate SONA and Thomas Sankara

How has training helped you or changed your perspective?

Firstly, I used to be ignorant about things especially education. I used to believe education is a system of making Black people suffer and I learned that in order for one to beat the system you need to know the system.

What do you think the role of the youth is in developing the country?

Because we still young and like the youth of 1976 who brought freedom upon this country, whenever the youth speak the ground shall shake like the uprising of Fees Must Fall.

What is your field of interest?

Advocating for Human Rights mostly those who can’t voice their opinons and community development

How are you driving change in your community?

By going to my community and conducting awareness campaigns around my field of interest. Dialogues and talks.

Now that you have completed training, how do you plan to keep active in the network?

By involving other Activators who are in my field of interest  

What are your plans for thisyear?

Carry on with my work of interest advocating for the key population.

How will you be involving the network in your plans?

Yes I am involving other Activators.

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