Need help with Job hunting?

Why not get fully equipped for the job you want …

I assist with one-on-one interview skills and coaching for only R150.

I am a skilled professional with the right tools & experience to gear you up for all future interviews that you will attend. You may have the right experience but may not realize why your interviews are unsuccessful. I can help with this.

I also offer Professional CV redesign to assist with getting you to the interview stage because sometimes your current CV is not selling itself and you’re unaware of this and receive no responses to your applications and wonder why.

If you would like a CV Design, it costs R150.

It will be sure to speak for you: your skills and allow you to sell yourself in a much more professional manner, getting the approval you need from the employer you are applying to.

Please get in touch with me for both or one of the above options.

J-nine Design


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