My 2018

By: Nomvuyo Gladys Sebeko

My 2018

My tears have formed a river that can’t be compared

To any river that is known to be the biggest

Or the Ocean which is praised to be the widest

My 2018

Heart has be torn into so many pieces

That it can feed the whole nation and still have left-

Overs for the neighbouring countries

My 2018

My self-esteem is lower than the temperature in Australia

Anyone can feel it from miles away and sometimes

It is used as a tool to bring me down

My 2018’

My body has been a home to hungry wolf man

It has carried them from top to bottom,

Made them happy and feel warm

My 2018

My strength has been stolen and replaced

With weakness and fear, the power in my bones

Has been replaced with doubt

My 2018

With all that said, please promise me that;

You will not add on what 2017 has done

But put sugar on my wound and give me Love, Peace and Happiness…

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