Motivating learners to strive for success

 Project name: Grade 12 Motivational Tour

 The Grade 12 Motivational Tour describes their project as helpful, awesome, innovative, demanded and great.

Activators involved: Kenneth Rapetsoa, Kholofelo Mokgohloa,

Members involved in the project? Desmond kubjane, Johannes Malatjie, joseas Maake, Maphala Mamabolo, Thabiso Olifant, Samson Rathobotha, Blessing Makoela, Lekau Johannes.

When was the project started?


Who started the project?

Mankweng Cluster Youth Development

What motivated the initiation of the project?

The Grade 12 results motivated us to start the project. We had to reflect on the results and we agreed that there can be other issues causing young people not to work hard. We had to look at those issues and how we can address them.

What is the objective of the project?

To see young people excel in their education while overcoming challenges.

We provide them with motivational talks, personal coaching, mentoring, afternoon classes, winter school, extra classes, distributing sanitary towels to the ladies who need them most, pencils, pens and rubbers. We hand out calculators to the maths and science students but this is done only when we have enough.

Why is this project needed in your community?

Young people need to be reminded about the potential they have and must release it to conquer obstacles. At times, they are not told this so they go to school with a negative mind believing that they are not the best. Through this project we want to encourage them so that they can approach their studies with positivity. 

Who have you assisted through this project? What does this assistance look like?

We have assisted a lot of young people in different schools to achieve higher marks and beat the odds stacked against them.

 Do you think your project encourages leadership? In what way?

Yes it does as it calls for one to achieve his/her goals. Giving pupils the tools to know what works for him/ her. It calls for one to stop following the crowd and walk his own path. If one can do it, so can all. That is making responsible change.

Do you require funding/sponsorship for this project to be a success?


Name some of the challenges you face?

Transport issues to travel to schools around my community. We have to catch taxis at times and at times we are late to some schools who don’t take us seriously if we arrive late. Sometimes we borrow cars from our friends so that we can carry our stuff to school to make it easy for us to present whatever we are offering.

Donations of the follow sanitary towels, pens, pencils, rubbers and calculators for maths and science students.

 Name some of the successes?

We handed out sanitary towels to the needy students in different schools. We also provided school stationary to a couple of leaners. Motivating school teachers and learners to perform well and they do. They always come back to us and tell us how well they did. Assist Grade 12s to apply to universities and bursary. Hosting winter school and extra classes.

Where do you envision your project to be in 3 years time?

In 3 years time we hope to assist 50% of all the high schools in my community in any way we can to make sure that they achieve great results.

In an ideal world, your project will achieve success if….?

We work hard and dedicate ourselves to the success of it. Not to depend on other people to assist us or the government to fund us.

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