Meet Adri Kiracofe one of the 24HR Challenge Panelist

The Almond Creamery was a dream realized and an eventual company founded by Adri Kiracofe, through humble beginnings in her mother’s kitchen in Cape Town in 2015.

As a postgraduate-trained Nutritional Therapist (CNELM), with a BSc in Biochemistry and Psychology which she completed at UCT, Adri has, for more than 10 years’, gained experience in and kept her finger on the pulse of the health food industry and has kept a close watch on consumer trends through her network.

Adri has always had a passion for delicious food and believes intrinsically, that what tastes good can, and should, also be healthy. She loves nothing more than to be in her kitchen, putting her love and passion into experimenting with new recipes and ideas, and wants to bring truly healthy milk alternatives to the rest of South Africa.

Adri is also an avid environmentalist and believes that the everyday choices we make as consumers have major consequences on the health of our planet, and this plays a major role in every aspect of the business from ingredients to packaging, the prospect of being mindful. She is on a mission to create a brand and product that is not only healthy for consumers but will also allow our children’s children to thrive on this planet we call home.

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