Lunch Box Project

“We are looking at the high number of learners who come from disadvantaged backgrounds to school without having eaten breakfast or without a snack for lunchtime. We see a decline in the number of children who queue for food that has been prepared for them as they are sometimes teased for having to do so. And so, although the learners are hungry, they are too embarrassed to be seen queuing and would rather go hungry. The kitchen then ends up throwing away a lot of leftovers. This issue is known by school teachers and parents who have their kids receive food. I have come to an innovative idea: to design a conventional lunchbox to be carried by every learner at school. The significance of this Lunch Box is to have it produced specifically for the school with its emblem, and the name of the learner and grade with a variety of colours on it. This product will restore the school’s unity by having all learners carry their lunch box and eating at school. As the learners will all drop their lunch box at the kitchen while they are in classrooms, and when its lunch time they will just collect it and nobody will know who brought food from home and who didn’t.”

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