A leader with presidential ambition

Name : Kwandile Mhlaba

Surname: Sikhosana

Facebook: Kwandile Mhlaba Sikhosana

Twitter :@Ukwandile

Instagram: Kwandilesikhosana

LinkedIn :Kwandile Sikhosana

Province : Gauteng

Kwandile describes himself as the prospective president of the Republic of South Africa. Constantly working on advancing the bar of what Black Excellence means, he is a global citizen and his work is not limited by borders . Motivated by what God managed to achieve in 7 days, he feels that he can emulate that as he believes to be the son of God and carrier of the earth as per his name ”Mhlaba.”

Why did you decide to join the network?

A network is priceless as it enables you to tap into a different market / environment without having to be there . It helps motivate you and also have links with like minded individuals so it was a no brainer for me to join a network of over 2000 people.

What did you enjoy about the Change Drivers training programme?

Meeting new people and hearing their stories of triumph . Nothing feeds me more than that.

The Role of the Youth in developing Countries

The youth of today live and lead in the Information Age whereas we ought to know everything from how we can develop our economy and be consistent in leading in global economical trends . The whole world is open to diplomacy so that has opened channels that are vital in propelling developing countries as that means less red tape.

What is your field of interest?

Education / Health / Economics and Entrepreneurship and also Culture as  a lot of us have been decultured through western Education and that dilutes values that have been strongly transported through cultural songs and beliefs

How are you Driving change in your community?

I’m working on establishing a University in Ekurhuleni the only metro in South Africa that doesn’t have its own University . This is the Industrial Hub of South Africa and Agricultural Hub of Gauteng , hosting the largest Airport in Africa amongst other landmarks but still doesn’t have its own University to aid the development of these infrustructural developments . We need to retain people to the Region to better its economical standing and having a University City is one of the best ways to achieve this .

I also establish mini libraries for disadvantaged community and host various workshops from Arts /Literature to Agriculture . We do school tours whereas we motivate young people to become better at listening to God about what he has to say about their purpose

We host trainings whereas people get trained at no cost and get accredited certificates and we also find them employment .

We afford people opportunities in various fields such as media to enhance their skills amongst other things we do in community development

How do you keep in touch with fellow Activators

We call each other / text / email and WhatsApp each other

What’s your plan for this year?

Continue building a multi million rand Empire . Work with Barack Obama on a campaign . Be a member of South African Parliament

How will you be involving the network?

There’s a great deal of potential in some of the people I have engaged with so we will definitely collaborate in campaigns etc

And another thing,

Alcohol is a distraction, those hours of drinking could be used to refine your proposals . Entertainment is distractive to our people , the more consumed you are with Kim Kardashian is the more you will want to look like her and not become her because she is not her make up but a multi millionaire that makes money whilst your sitting there watching her lead her life .

Use data wisely

You can achieve anything with Christ by your side .

Twitter: @UKwandile

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