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One of South Africa’s largest youth networks, ACTIVATE! Change Drivers is steadily becoming a key role player in promoting the voice of the youth. The Network fittingly participated in this year’s editions of the HEAIDS Youth Conference from 09-11 June and the SA AIDS Conference from 12-18.

ACTIVATE! Change Drivers is a network of 2000 young change makers or “Activators” across the country who are finding innovative ways to transform their communities and the country as a whole. The Network connects these young people and equips them with necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in their respective efforts. Some members of the Network, whose work is around HIV/AIDS advocacy, facilitated dialogues at both events to discuss innovative ways of HIV prevention amongst the youth.

“South Africa has an alarmingly high prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS and high numbers of new infections amongst the youth. By virtue, being a youth movement that targets young people, it is ACTIVATE! Change Drivers’ responsibility to be amid role-players that are leading the conversation around the pandemic and youth,” say ACTIVATE! Change Driver’s Malusi Mazibuko. One of the most effective ways of addressing HIV/AIDS is by giving young people alternative activities that do not only keep them away from risky behaviour but also position them as catalysts of change and hope within their communities. Through its programmes, ACTIVATE! Change Drivers aims to do exactly that. The Network’s programmes are designed to empower and give young people as sense of purpose and responsibility. In turn, this gives the youth something to look forward to, which makes them wish to live longer to see their efforts through.

 “At the conferences, we explained our programmes and showcased the work done by some of our members around HIV/AIDS, especially in marginalised areas of the country. We will also facilitating a session at KwaMuhle Museum in Durban where we discussed alternative ways that haven’t been explored in dealing with HIV/AIDS. During that session, our members shared their input to policy and suggestions for a way forward,” says Mazibuko. 


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