It Is Time You Took Me Seriously! – By MrSir Mpho

It Is Time You Took Me Seriously!

By: MrSir Mpho

Hello, I am Adrenalin!
Some call me Strength.
Even though we all know that I am just Impulse.
I am the only child of Anxiety and Fear –
Closest cousin to Nervousness, Pain, and the sundry

My Scientific stage name is Reflex Arc!
But – my biggest fans call me Anger –
Yet the naive still call me Nothing Serious…
I guess I am based on who you want me to be.

See? I am all about psychology –
Complex like mathematics, deeper than history –
Irrational like religion and rational like philosophy.
I am in dual properties like light –
But I am the absence of it – I am darkness!

I am the reason ropes are lacing on necks
With no intention for swag!
Yes – the elephant in the room…
No one dares to make me a topic when dining,
Especially in black neighbourhoods.

It is funny ’cause everyone knows that I exist,
Since I cause and result in divorces and abuses –
I am in dual properties!

Care to know what they call me in diagnostic terms?
Take a wild guess – …

I build up on architectures of childhood grudges
Roofed by cyber bullies and social injustice.
When you are supposed to figure me out with your knees on Tiles, praying,
You allow me to Pave the way that leads –
You directly to extreme alcohol consumption!

See? I am quite tricky – I am the enemy within you
That you choose to ignore –
Because you are very talented in letting things slide
Until the last minute –
Until you face death –
I am that evil, it is time you took me seriously!

Yes – I can have my ways with your subconscious reactions –
My kingdom is called Amygdala –
Which means you have little to no control over me.
Once I get into you – you become me,
And I become me –
See? There is no space for your ruling,
Since I do not give you time to heed your neocortex.
I delegate your nervous system with my evil plans!
I am fast and powerful –
It is time you took me seriously!

You can only defeat me with what matters more than IQ –
Not money! To eradicate me you have to first accept that I am part of you –
But because you are too egoistic and righteous,
You usually take too long to let your guards down,
And the durations you take give me enough time
To bulk up and even get to extents of affecting your life as a whole –
Until it’s late to alleviate damages…
It is really about time you took me seriously!

Sometimes I am accepted into your lives
Through what you mistake with motivations –
Like when you use comparison to motivate your children,
Which is pretty much a door for me to budge in!
Instead of them doing good to compete,
They opt for adoption from my parents:

A little reminder – Anxiety and Fear –

Of failure, in activities that aren’t even aligned with their purposes,
Because instead of taking time to study your child’s abilities
You would rather pressurise them into doing what you failed to do.
So, one of my niches is where parents force children to live their failed dreams.

Sometimes you mistake my victims with culprits
When, really, their deeds are just my side effects –

Like: handcuffing a rapist, a child molester
Or a woman abuser –
Instead of rehabilitating him –
In this case,
I attack a man and as a side effect –
He becomes a criminal,
So instead of diagnosing him with me,
And provide the right help –
You choose to punish him with imprisonment
For acting upon my side effect –

Bear with me –
I am not saying that immoralities and criminal activities,
Do not require justice to be done –
I am not saying that the bad cannot have control over me!

They can – but through a priority…

I am just saying that I am the cause of badness in most instances,
So the moment I am given enough attention,
The moment you accept me and treat me,
Police officers would run out of jobs,
’cause a lot of jails would be empty!
It is time you took me seriously!

I am not really after being on hashtags,
With no sincerity and genuineness,
With no willingness to act
Upon dealing with me – I am your enemy,
But you are my meal – I feed off you.
Do not just make me trend – but
Take me seriously!

You want to know what I fear?

Mental health!

If you prioritise it, I will play magic on you –
And go Boof! I will disappear for good…

I am Real – …
Let me reintroduce myself.
My name is Depression!
It Is Time You Took Me Seriously!

Rationale: Many people in my circle already believe that depression is indeed real since there had been a successful campaign of #DepressionIsReal. However, it still astonishes me every time when I talk to most of them and find out that they don’t really take it seriously. They acknowledge that depression indeed exists, but they just choose to take it lightly. Well, October is a Mental Health Awareness month, and as an advocate for the movement, I wrote a poem personifying depression to show people why they should take it seriously. The title of the poem is: “It Is Time You Took Me Seriously!”


About the author:

Mpho (MrSir) Matlhabegoane is one of the A! Writers Hub writers. He uses writing as a tool for Mental Health Advocacy. He became an Activator in 2019. He was trained and mentored by SWITCH and NMM.

He is a Founder and Management Director of MSPT (Pty) Ltd – which focuses on simplifying mathematics for FET Learners and on book distribution in South Africa. He worked as an All Rounder at Brain Waves Development Org. – which focuses on STEMI Projects and competition. He has been a Marketing Manager at Uhunu Career G&L Org., which focuses on simplifying career paths for FET Learners, and used to work at Mpumalanga Technical College as a Mathematics facilitator.

He worked with several schools around South Africa on SGB Posts and Education Assistant Posts as a Mathematics facilitator as well as Extra Class Teacher through his Programme (MSPT) – such as Langlaagte Tegniese Hoerskool (Gauteng), Michael Modisakeng Secondary School (North West) and Seruane High School (Mpumalanga). He used to work as one of the Mathematics Tutors for SSIP Programme in Gauteng. He is a published author of four books, namely: The Story Of MrSir, Views and Emotions, Expanding The World Of Nerds, and featured in Poetry Lockdown, as of 2023.

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