“Inxeba,The Wound” Has Indeed Caused A Deep Wound,or has it?

By Lwazi Nongauza

The impact of South African film Inxeba, The Wound which explores Xhosa tradition of circumsition and sexuality started a global discussion about homophobia, masculinity and the social ills aligned to it.

Activator Leander Julius joined dozens of concerned global citizens by provoking a discussion around the movie within the ACTIVATE! Network. Leander started by asking if the silence from the ACTIVATE! Network around bigotry and homophobia is not doing more damage to the change drivers who hold homophobic views.

Activators from all over the country used different platforms to share their views raised by the story line of the movie Inxeba, The Wound.

Social Change driver Isa Mdingi agreed that society indeed tend to apply unjust standards and expectations for the Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Bisexual and Queer (LGBTIQ) communities but also question the reasons of using sensitive Xhosa culture identity only as platform to shine spotlight gender social problems.

“Culture homosexuality biasness is definitely a serious social problem that regrettably LGBTIAQ communities continue to face. I would agree with anyone who suggests that, this gigantic culture problem must be rooted out of our social psyche. It is very important that as people we confront issues of masculinity and patriarchy but in doing so, let us be very careful not to unwittingly start regionalism or tribalism conflicts by using one culture as if all problems start with it, masculinity and patriarchy is a societal problem that needs to be dealt with by all of us equally.’’ Said Mdingi.

On the other hand, gender activist and social change driver Ayanda Radebe lamented cultural preservers for shifting the real issues of homophobia and masculinity the award winning film is putting forward for discussion.

‘’The most unfortunate thing about the film, Inxeba, The Wound is that most cultural sensitive people missed the real essence of the story. It’s just a love story that took place at an initiation school. Now, I think the real question we all should endeavor to answer is “isn’t it about time that some culture prejudice on homosexuality masculinity, multiracial relations and homophobia be challenged rather than using  as an excuse to paint the film as a humiliation threat to manhood.’’

A Kwa-Zulu Natal based activator and gender expert Buhlebemvelo Precious Mzama applauded global citizens for debating,confronting bigotry and homophobia issues.

According to Mzama ‘’LGBTIAQ+ communities should have constitutional and statutory protections but the reality is that many continue to face some challenges. So films  like, Inxeba, The Wound don’t just highlight these issues but provoke self-introspection by transgressors and national discussions.’’

Watch Inxeba, The Wound film trailer here…

ACTIVATE! leadership gender advocacy flagship formation called A! Men Movement which seeks to connect gender activists to positively influence social beliefs and build the nation by dismantling gender prejudice stereotypes also shared its views on the current topic issue that was provoked by the film, Inxeba, The Wound. Project Co-Coordinator, Themba Mzima commended Activator (Leander Julius) for raising the topic and also confirmed that. A! Men Movement would definitely take the challenge to participate in any platform that provoke robust discussions on issues of masculinity and homophobic awareness and support any victims of gender injustices.





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