Iimbizo (Imibizos) Dialogues

Activators mobilising conversations and dialogues across the country

Activators are hosting imbizos (public dialogues) with partners and Activator facilitators in rural and urban areas across all provinces and wherever possible, sharing the conversation  across South Africa via the media, radio and social media.

The subject of each Imbizo is decided by the Activators themselves.

Watch this space for upcoming Iimbizo. Keep in touch with activated youth get better and better at holding their point of views in public spaces, contributing to important local and national conversations.

Dialogues that have been covered include; defining democracy in the current South African content; youth access to land; issues of race class and gender; HIV and AIDs prevention and management; sexual and reproductive health – rights ad responsibilities; active citizenry and youth participation.

For more information: lezerine@localhost / nontobeko@localhost

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