Saving young girls from older men

Project name: FATAW back to school drive

Activator involved: Gladys nomvuyo sebeko

Province: Gauteng


Facebook:  Gladys Nomvuyo Nthabiseng Sebeko

Instagram: nomvuyosebeko

Contact details: 0736474613


Members involved in the project?


When was the project started?


Who started the project?

Gladys nomvuyo sebeko

What motivated the initiation of the project?

The number of teenage girls who miss school because they are on their period, and because many teenagers end up dating old men for toiletries.

What is the objective of the project?

To help teenagers gain self-esteem and confidence in order to stop dating “sugar daddies” and also to help them stay in school

Why is this project needed in your community?

Our community is a previously disadvantage community which still has informal settlements and most of the households are low income households

Who have you assisted through this project? What does this assistance look like?

We have assisted learners from Buhle Bemfundo Secondary School and Michael Zulu primary school with sanitary towels and school shoes.

Do you think your project encourages leadership? In what way?

Yes it does because we also gather once a month where we teach these teenagers about self-confidence and maintaining their dignity.

Do you require funding/sponsorship for this project to be a success?

Yes we do

Name some of the challenges you face?

We have challenges with funding which makes it hard for us to have our gatherings or provide sanitary towels and toiletries.

Name some of the successes?

We have managed to help than 300 learners.

Where do you envision your project to be in 3 years time?

We would be help around the entire Ekurhuleni in Gauteng.

In an ideal world, your project will achieve success if….?

We get our own space and funding.


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