By Paul Mabote

Africa! Azania! The Mother land! The continent by any other name will still be as rich and as abundantly blessed! May 25th is Africa Day, people – so Happy Africa Month! But, why May 25th?  Well, on the same day in 1963, the organisation of African Unity (OAU), which we now know as the African Union (AU) was formed. Africa Day presents a chance for South Africans to reconnect with the rest of the continent, and reflect on the common challenges we face on an international scope.

I asked some Activators what to them is the most burning issue right now concerning Africa as a continent, and what in their opinions are possible, effective solutions. I can tell you one thing: Hell has no fury like an Activator speaking their mind!


Sabatha Segoba is a 2015 Activator from Parys in the Free State. He is a theology student at TEEC and holds a Bachelors in commerce from Monash University SA.

Paul                       : So, Sabatha, what issue are you mostly burned by, in the African context?

Sabatha                : Corruption, chief, which stands in the way of efficient public service delivery.

Paul                       : in your opinion, is this corruption a continental issue only we have as Africans?

Sabatha                : No. I believe it goes even beyond. It‘s global. Because of power struggles, leaders in most African countries are already corrupt. When external forces who want to have control over precious African assets take control of these corrupt minds, the level of corruption escalates exponentially.

Sabatha likens Africa to a strong and powerful lion which everyone wants to rule and control, so that they themselves can be recognised as strong and powerful. As a solution to the rampant corruption, he says that the conservation of humanity should be made first priority. That leaders should be “more careful not to be distracted by a piece of cake, while the stream of precious water is being polluted.” #POWERFUL

Two sides to every slice of cake!

Meet Sindisa Qeqe, a vibrant and energetic 2018 Activator, born in De Aar. She is the founder of Sisterhood Heroines, an organization which is in support of women upliftment and advocates against gender based violence and abuse. Being a sexual assault survivor herself, Sindi’s viewpoint after her ordeal is quite an unanticipated one.

Sindisa states that while most of the focus is put on the victims of gender based violence and abuse; often what is overlooked is the deeper motivation behind the crimes, as well as the detailed backgrounds of the perpetrators. She believes the effects of the issue can be curbed if as much, if not more attention can be given to developing and empowering the African boy child. Good, present fathers raise good, present fathers.

Land of the (Free Land)

In the year 2000, the Zimbabwean National Government expropriated land from white commercial farmers without compensation. After years of gradual economic decline, the Zimbabwean government has, under its land acquisition act, established a compensation committee that will allow for those farmers to be compensated, after all. South Africa is currently walking the same line, with the ANC and the EFF both pushing for the South African constitution to be changed to allow for land expropriation without compensation. This is a hotly debated issue.

2017 Activator Tshepo Moatshe from Fine Town in Gauteng says “bring back the land!”  He says that he is offended by the fact that a huge amount of land is “unrightfully” owned, while poor people (including some friends and relatives) are without proper and sufficient residential space. Tshepo says that once the land has been expropriated, it should be utilized to build new homes, universities and other institutions that will have a positive contribution to the people and the economy of the country.

Buy it in Afros!

Vukulu Sizwe Maphindani is a 2015 Activator, an author, public speaker and he runs his own publishing company, Classic Age Publishing; which has published more than 16 books by African writers. In his own book, Message to a Black man in Africa, Sizwe calls to Black Africans to “own their minds and take control of their psychology, communities and businesses.” Sizwe has gotten vast public and media attention since the release of his book, and he says that is owed to the sincere and unapologetic tone contained in the expression of his ideas.

Paul       : What is your take on the idea of a one-currency Africa, Mr Maphindani?

Sizwe    : I believe it is absolutely possible. With no doubt. I mean America has 52 states, some of which are big enough to be countries, and they all use one currency, the American dollar. The Western world is aware that if Africa singularize its currency, and base it on its minerals, the African economy would be untouchable. Hence any and all efforts by African leaders towards that direction have been met with fatal resistance.

Sizwe is also part of the radical Black Nationalist Movement whose purpose is to uplift the black society by instilling qualities of self-determination, and to encourage organic black unity. His book is available at most Bargain book stores across the country.

Who knows? In the near future we may be able to buy anything in Afros!!! Shona Malanga!! One love!    

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