GP Activator, Sammy Nkogatse launches thought-provoking book

By Lwazi Nongauza

Saturday, the 9th of June marked yet another historical day to remember for Gauteng based Activator and entrepreneur Sammy Nkogatse as he launched his thought provoking book in Sammy Marks Square in Pretoria.

Nkogatse’s second book, entitled ‘’LOVE AND LIES: My past tense’’ was inspired by wounded yet striving ordinary lives. The book tells the story of a Gauteng, married private investigator who is working on her husband’s bosses murder case. Her investigations reveal that her husband is the primary suspect who escaped from drugs and gangsterism pending cases in KZN. Shocked by the new revelations, the young private investigator feels confused but continues to work hard and in the end, all the murders, including the husbands are exposed.

The book launch was attended by dozens of renowned authors, editors, publishers, content pundits, orators, scholars and general book lovers like Niq Mhlongo, Dr. MA Mothapo, SY Tshabalala, PM Nkogatse and Moses Seletisha Papudi just to mention the few.

According to Nkogatse, the book will teach young people a lot about love complications, family fights, the underground world, dirty wealth strategies, the drug business and investigative intricacies.

While he admits that the writing process came with a number of challenges that helped him grow as a writer, in explaining the significance of launching the book during Youth Month, Nkogatse said the aim was to amplify the youths alutha continua anthem.

“I deliberately launched the book in June because I wanted to once again gather courageous young people and pave a new way through the power of books which is one of the things the 1976 youth fought for. In other words,  the current generation has not betrayed the struggle but rather advanced it differently,’’ he said

Nkogatse attributes some of his writing success to the participation in the Activate Leadership programme.

“Activate Leadership has proven to be one of the most influential programmes in my journey as a writer and broadcaster. Through the programme, I have managed to set up a good support structure that nurtured me.  A! Network links opened a lot of great doors for me.’’

All those who can’t wait to get their hands on the book can do pre-orders or buy it at Samnko Books or make use of the Nkogatse’s digital platforms. Alternatively, you can contact Sam on 072 492 3402


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