Empowering through networking

Name:Unati Tutani

Province:Eastern Cape

Facebook:Unati Tutani

Twitter handle:@UNA

Business name: Dunacan Village Youth  Developmental initiative

Why did you join the ACTIVATE! Network?

To network and learn from other young leaders that are doing amazing work in their communities.

Why did you join the Switch programme?

To  make my project a successful  project and implement the skills learnt from the programme.

What do you hope to gain through Switch?

Networking  and new technical ways of  managing a successful project.

Are you a social entrepreneur?


What contribution do social entrepreneurs bring to society in your opinion?

Empowerment through coordinating and facilitating platforms that address skills development, unemployment and poverty erradication.

Sum up your business in five words?

Innovative,Inclusive,Effective,Friutful and Sustanable.

When was the business started?


Who started the Business?

Unati Tutani and Khulile Jacobs

What motivated the initiation of the Business?

Community challenges such as unemployment ,poverty and lack of skills in our community.

Name some of the challenges you face

Resources that are sustainable

Name some of the successes?

School dialogues, Career Expo and wining a 1st prize at SAB Hook up dinner.

As a social entrepreneur, where do you envision your enterprise to be in 3 years?

To have helped about 700 SME and NGO to be effective and sustainable.

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