Meet the Panelists: Dr Fay Nqoloba

Speaker Name: Dr Feziwe “Fay” Nqoloba

Occupation: Community Builder, Speaker and Entrepreneur

Organisation: Warrior Women and Talita Cumi 

Dr Fay’s Story

Dr Fay Nqoloba wears many hats across various platforms and organisations. Moreover, she is the visionary behind the Warrior Women organisation and its two sister organisations Young Warriors and Talita Cumi. She explains each of these as follows:

Warrior Woman is where I focus my attention on building up women in our society from all walks of life with the main focus being “Lift as you Rise”. I host motivational talks about relationship building within your community, church and in your marriage. The focus is on spiritual growth that ensures that as a woman your identity is firm in God, your creator and that He loved you enough to die for you; so nobody on this earth has a right to hurt you, break you or devalue you. 

Young Warriors is where I focus on the Youth and mostly partner with schools and tertiary institutions. This started as an initiative with SAPS Milnerton where I would spend time hosting informative discussions with youth from Joe Slovo and Dunoon (Cape Town) that were involved in various criminal activities of which the root was substance abuse and domestic violence in their homes, some single mothered either by divorce or otherwise. The programme started with only 2 schools but has now extended to other areas of CapeTown and reaches 26 schools. 

Talita Cumi is where I focus on addressing specifically Gender-Based Violence and Femicide. Last year my daughter was raped in her room on campus by a fellow student. I felt the Lord say to me “Young girl, I say to you arise.” We are saying, “When is ‘enough is enough’ enough?” Since launching this wing late last year, I have counselled hundreds of rape victims both male and female who have been impacted or affected by this scourge. I also have a very vibrant Men’s Forum.


Dr Fay has years of experience in activism across various sectors and spheres of society. She also continues to partner with many organisations in the work she does. Her contribution, therefore, is in finding common ground when collaborating and understanding the human element of the people we are trying to help through our activism. 

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