COVID-19: Activator, Modercai Ndlovu playing his part to flatten the curve.

By: Lebogang Victor Ditsebe

I believe the little support I give goes a long way. A community leader must carry his deepest worries as much as the worries of those around him, but further continue to battle those worries head on.

Modercai Ndlovu is a 2018 Activator based in the Gauteng Province. He is one of the stakeholders that participated in the discussion processes around the COVID-19 pandemic in the country. He mentions that the conversations of trying to find solutions to the impact of the virus have been very challenging.

The conversations were led by the forum he is part of- Progressive Professionals Forum (PPF). Since the country is currently going through a lockdown, the forum has  advocated for the adherence to the precautionary measures set up by the country’s president, Cyril Ramaphosa. To prevent the spread of the virus, citizens have been urged to practice social distancing; and to sanitize their surroundings as much as possible.

Mordecai says that the PPF has been in conversation with the President – to discuss what is going to be beneficial for the country, moving forward from this time of the pandemic. Ndlovu joined the Progressive Professional Forum as a young professional in 2017. Following this, he got nominated by the Sedibeng District Leadership to be the convener for young professionals in the region. In 2019, he was elected as PFF Deputy Secretary of Gauteng through efforts he has made to renew, strengthen and reorganize professionals as part of the provincial task team.

Apart from his involvement in the forum, Ndlovu also runs a Web Management company, Vula Access Digital, which specializes in ICT Telecommunications. Through this company, Ndlovu and his colleagues have been using their mobile telecommunications network platform to raise awareness about the COVID-19 pandemic and the various issues surrounding the virus.

Ndlovu says that they have been working closely with community members as the Ekurhuleni Business Council to help find supplies within the City of Ekhuhuleni from manufacturers of sanitazers and other essentials.

One of the successes gained from his involvement in the coordination of public engagements, was for the National Health Insurance Bill to be put in the public domain space and for it to find expression, from ordinary South Africans. Through these initiatives  Modercai has been receiving positive feedback and recognition from fellow Activators. Modercai strongly believes that this is an opportunity for us as Activators, citizens and community members to work together in eradicating and flattening the curve of infection that continues to grow.

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